Friday, June 28, 2013

Haiku My Heart–What’s right ?


Retrograde madness

Be gone. Focus on the good.

What is right with you ?




Quickly now, what are three things that are right with you and your world in this very moment ?

Here are mine :


1. Flowers in bloom

2. Silly laughs with hubby before he went to work this morning

3. I am a part of something beautiful, like the wonderful Haiku My Heart family that joins together every Friday for small words and loving encouragement.

Haiku My Heart @ recuerda mi corazon


Of course the list can go on and on, but that is a place to start…

Deep breaths, light and love to you, Beautiful Ones.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and 'retrograde' good reminder haiku to be 'in command' ~ 3 things:
~ glad to be back here been away
~ life
~ my doggie

Happy Day to You ^_^

Anonymous said...

It is well with me. wonderful haiku

Anonymous said...

your heart speak is just what i needed this a.m....happy weekend to you

Dawn Elliott said...

Love your positive attitude as you embark on the weekend - thankfulness is the key!

Nadeja said...

Face the baby Buddha
Smile back at him! hahhahahaha
Have a wonderful day my precious number one daughter!!! Love you,

Anonymous said...

Yes, begone retrograde madness!!

3 things that are right with me this very moment:

1. both my children are in the house

2. my health is good

3. I'm making progress is becoming more of "me" than I ever have been before! xo

Anonymous said...

and...I like your mother's solutions -- especially with regard to "Happy"!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece - "Energy creates" happiness. xox

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

"What is right with you?"

That's a great question!

Sipping Stars

Kate Robertson said...

Focus on the good. That is always great advice. I made some collages this morning. Its fun to start the day with art.


Norma Ruttan said...

what right with me right now?
I'm savoring your presentation along with the rest of the wonderful contributors to Rebecca's Haiku My Heart!

Kim Andersen said...

Sweet ....

- sunshine
- an important family birthday party tonight
- everyone under one roof today

gma said...

What we focus on for sure keeping my eye and heart on all the good stuff. Lots to choose from.

Stephanie said...

so much is good...
yes, flowers blooming, good music in the background, Greggie photographing a work for me that will be blown up to be part of a fun downtown artwalk project....and YES! part of this haiku of sweet words family.

so much good that overshadows the uncomfortable situations for me.

happy weekend!!

deb did it said...

Oh your Mom gave great advice !!
" face the Baby Buddha "
I will remember that one !
Things right in my world....
Threaded sewing machines awaiting my arrival, dinner cooking in the kitchen,thunder outside, a cozy Friday nite! ~ anything will be better than this hellacious Retrograde ~

Fallingladies said...

My 3 things...1. I am officially off work for a week getting ready to go camping!... 2. I am loving your tea and rust doodles sooooo much!.....3. My daughter sent me a great photo of my son while i was at work today... It made my day!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful question! Thanks for asking it
1) The breeze on my porch
2) my health
3) Haiku My Heart friends
Haiku My Heart with Golden Stars and Sunflowers

Hazel Ceej said...

Looking at your beautiful flowers is sooo right enough for me right now. Over where I live it's a rainy afternoon, one thing I've always wanted throughout the week. I love rainy afternoons.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Sunrises, hugs from hubby, kisses from new puppy and the list goes on
Be well dear

Chel said...

what's right? I'm creating a little bit every day, banana smoothies for a snack, and my beautiful pets who are keeping me good company on this sad week. <3

Kalyan P said...

lovely words...nice lines!

rebecca said...

i love you kim.
you are a force of light and love offered so generously the world is a brighter place.
here is to easy laughter and open willing hearts.

judie said...

Good questions, great haiku!

Three happy things to start a day with.

- Gratefulness
- Mother Nature's beauty
- Family

Marit said...

Sundaymorning... and your question makes me think:
- warmer temperatures and the sun breaking through
- the artpage I started, waiting in my studio to work on
- Tour de France started, second etappe on the tv this afternoon.

Thanks for making me realize this is yet another day to live life and enjoy. HOpe you're fine too?!!

Laura said...

the most compassionate wisdom Kim... your flowers would be great to share with I Heart Macro. too.

Jess said...

I loved hearing about the special moments in your life, thankyou Kim for spreading the beauty!xx

Joyfulploys said...

Well said Kim! Love your peaceful blog.