Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Over It

David and I both had food poisoning over the weekend. Someone was watching over us as we somehow had it staggered enough that we could take care of one another. 
Today, I am vertical, still pretty weak, but thankful in a million ways to be feeling better and on the mend. And that my sweet man is too!
Tea staining paper and doodling are about all the art I can do, in between naps and drinking water. Feels good to play a little anyway. Love the pinks and blues from hibiscus tea!
Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones! Be well!


Anonymous said...

Oh no how awful. Glad you are both okay...Food poisoning is so dangerous and not pleasant at all. Rest in this heat for sure. xox

Anonymous said...

That was a very nasty bout of food poisoning and I think I'd cross that restaurant off my list -- for good!! Glad you are both feeling better! xoxo

Mary said...

Oh double bummer...so glad you both are on the mend...may you continue to feel better hour by hour...and get a good uninterrupted nights sleep!


Sueann said...

So glad you are feeling better. Continue to take care of you...reat.


Unknown said...

So glad you are feeling better. These tea stains are SO lovely- so soft and true. I am so inspired! <3

iHanna said...

Where is this beautiful tea cup from? I love the owls!