Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday–Mapping some more…





Work in progress…

Three mini map doodle books to mark your way…

with a special travel pouch to be stitched.

Home from Montreal and Mont Tremblant.

Had a sweet vacay with David.

Had some sweet times with family. Adore my nieces and nephews !

Attended an appointment with the cardiologist with my Mom. She is doing super well and got the all clear to resume all of her normal activities. Yay !

Yoga in the pool starts today at my friend Patti’s house – pool is heated ! Phew !

Gathering supplies for eb’s Lake House Art Workshop next week – I will be den mother and magic maker’s assistant for the gathering.

Works in progress=good !

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

oh i love these....beautiful and so very interesting!!!

her father's daughter said...

it is a torment to have to wait so long! yet, I am nowhere near packed. :sigh:

Anonymous said...

my WIP
is always
in progress
making progress
with my progress
I need a den mother...

sun shining
hot yoga in a pool
sounds like a good idea...

twist, dye or clean/organize???
and deep listening
to my inner list...

ready for some fun!
soon soon soon

Anonymous said...

You are such a busy bee!! Here, there, works in progress, getting ready to be den mothers and assistant extraordinaire!!! I'm so happy to hear that your maman has a clean bill of health and can resume normal activities!! Love you! xo

beth said...

such a beautiful life....i wish i was going to be at EB's....i bet you'll have the best time !!!


Chel said...

whenever I see you post anything "map" style, it just *literally* takes my breath away. It's SO beautiful. It makes me dream of undiscovered places where joy resides.

Corrine at said...

All good indeed. These are beautiful. xox

SueAnn Lommler said...

Happy happy to you....great news about your mom. And yoga in a heated pool sounds perfect
Love the maps

Janet said...

These little map books are simply wonderful!

And what good news about your mom!!

Priti.Lisa said...

What beautiful tiny treasures have emerged from your heart and hands...some smooth and cool, others warm and fuzzy...perfect balance.
so happy to hear the good news about your mom!

Stephanie said...

lots of map love here!

what a TREAT! enjoy eb and the wonderful world you 2 cook up!!


Marit said...

I LOVE those little guiding/map books - I wish I had one to guide me through my life right now. Enjoy the weekend and the stay with eb, I do wish I could be there. Thinking of you and waving from across the ocean!