Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lake House awaits !


Leaving my back deck flowers for David to take care of for a bit,

this happy lady is off to Vermont and

the eb immersion lake house workshops.

The Rogue-y is full up with art goodies from wool felt and silk to embroidery floss, and

rust-able watercolor paper to tea bags filled with drippy possibilities !

I am so excited !

One of the participants arriving on Wednesday is my dear friend, Linda who I met long ago at Squam, and it will be great to be with her and play !

Plus, I get to spend precious time with one of my favorite people on the planet,

Ms. E.B. herself !

Feeling very very blessed.

Have a great week, Beautiful Ones !

Light and love to you!


Nadeja said...

Kimmy, so good to feel your excitement and pleasure and know that you will be among artists of the most wonderful kind! Blessings and love to all who will be there with you. Can't wait to see all the creations! Gorgeous flower picture among the flowers!!! I love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

You are going to immerse yourself in so many ways (as you always do). That's wonderful that your friend Linda will also be there -- even more special. Enjoy!!!! xoxox

Mary said...

Kim, you shine do you know that...
Have a fab time!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ so pleased
to read ALL of THIS ...

was it only last fall
i joined you both there??
yes yes YES
it was !!

i have iPhone photos STILL
of that happy
& inspirational time
even thought the photos
are well stocked
& preserved else*where,
when i travel
i have you & eb
going with me
in my pocket on my cell ...

yippeeee !!

isn't that fun !!
i know you will have
The Best Time ...
you two have such a sweet partnership
of hearts & minds ...

sending hugs to all
eat an extra piece
of Boone's apple pie
in my honour, missy !! }}

somepinkflowers said...

{{{ Moon over Water
xox }}}

Serena said...

I know you're having a wonderful time. It sounds aMAzing!! ENJOY! And can't wait to see the results of your creative experiments! xo

Kim Andersen said...

have a divine time - I know you will :)