Saturday, August 3, 2013

They waited....

David and I had a fabulous time on our week's staycation

with my sister, Kristina, her husband John, and the kiddos, Katie

and Thomas. 

Lots of beach time, giggles, good food and good company! 

The house sure feels quiet now that they have all headed home. 

But it was nice to have some time in the studio this morning.

I am continuing in my newly rediscovered journal. These Rock Beings keep coming, with their painted backgrounds and found poetry bits...

These two emerged today. They have a chasm between them, it would seem.

Looks as those each one of them is waiting for the other to breach it, to span the great stretch.

Impatiently, they wait...

Could be a long one unless one of them opens their heart and takes a chance...

My own stretch of quiet won't be long 

as my dear friend Suzanne is coming tomorrow evening to stay for the week. 

More beach time, lots of arty fun and easy times with my old friend.
 Looking forward to it!

Have a great rest of the weekend, Beautiful Ones !
Much Love !


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful week -- family, food, love and fun...can't get much better than that. AND it looks like you had amazing weather as well. But the noticed after so much activity and so many voices -- and all that love. Glad that you had some journal time and now you have Suzanne to come and spent some play time. Enjoy! love you! xo

Lynn Cohen said...

Treasure time with your friend and family!
Fun art! Like how your rocks are evolving!

Unknown said...

Poor little rock beings! I hope they soon realize that leaning on one another makes life less precarious.
It's a beautiful piece of artwork Kim♥
Keep on having fun:)

Anonymous said...

This sure has been the summer for beach time so glad you are enjoying family and friends. Love this new work. xox

beth said...

your summer is turning out to be so incredibly beautiful....i love it !!


deb did it said...

you are sunkissed and joy filled !