Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coldplay Update

So the hubby and I had a great, great time on our Coldplay date on Monday night. Here are some hightlights (not in any significant order, just random, ok, sweet Hubbyman?):

- I heart Chris Martin !!! He is a fantastic showman! He is so into just playing with his music.. I love how he skips around the stage like a little kid. Also, you could really tell that the entire band loved the crowd's energy !

- I heart my Hubby ! He and I had a great time people watching, and walking around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market in downtown Boston before the show. Fun to hold hands in the big city !

- The Coldplay light show was spectacular !!! They had these cool orbs that hung above the crowd and serves as screens or reflectors of the lights and colors depending on the song! Hard to describe but very, very cool to see !

- My favorite song of the night was "Yellow", I think. I just loved how Chris let the crowd sing most of it - his Monday Night Sing-Along as he called it. It amazes me how huge crowd of people can sound so very beautiful singing along...

- We had several big celebrities attend the show with us - Gwenyth Paltrow (Chris's wife ) was there with her mom, Blythe Danner and their guests for the evening, Jerry Seinfield and his wife Jessica. Also, Tom Brady, star quarterback of the Patriots was there. Not to mention, Kim and David Mailhot from New Hampshire, ..... hee hee... actually I am not sure if this was a highlight as they were all seated very far away on the other side of the arena and all we could see was the flashes from the "illegal" cameras of their paparazzi.

A couple of low lights...

- the extremely drunk woman and her only slightly less drunk friends who were sitting beside us and who tripped over, trampled and annoyed us all evening as they staggered across us to the aisle to go to the bathroom about a hundred times !!!
Yikes !!!!!!!

- the first opening band, "Luxury" from Boston was ok but the sound was so horrible! The second band, Santogold, was really, really bad - some techno crappy stuff that just didn't fit in at all !

- the Coldplay set felt really short - only 90 minutes including a very planned encore and that's it. They have so much great material, they could play forever, and the crowd was so energized it would have been great for the show to go on longer...

But all in all, it was a great show and a great event for the hubby and me !

The rest of the week has me frantically trying to get all the details in place for our trip to Montreal on Friday... so much to do, so little time... but all to the soundtrack of my Favorite band !!!!


michelle ward said...

you crazy kids.....going to rock concerts....LOVE IT! *wink*

Sandy..... said...

Coldplay is awesome (even for a 40 yr old!) lol
I came across your blog via Sarah's Soul Journaling which I plan to start also. I love your magazine stencil pages! I wish I would have seen the project before now!
Nice blog, too, plan on returning.

Sandy..... said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, you're a gentle soul.
I just noticed your from NH! My favorite cousin in the whole wide world, who I miss dearly, is in Bedford.

arlene said...

Oh I am greeeeen with envy! Coldplay live...and then a trip to Montreal. *sigh* It must be nice living the rock star life. LOL

Sounds like a sweet summer! You go!!

Linda said...

Oh how lucky are you Kim!!!
Sounds amazing - well I'm off to play Viva for the 100th time!

carolyn said...

What an awesome time you had in Boston! I haven't gone to a concert in forever and a day.
BTW, I LOVE your blog banner.