Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Mixed Bag Post - Soul Journal Potpourri, Porch Flowers and some beautiful things...

So I really wanted to post yesterday but life had other sweet plans for me ... more later in the beautiful things portion...

I did a photo shoot on the back porch again - check out this gorgeous hibiscus ! I love the orange ! The blossom is about the size of my hand ! :

And this beauty is a cosmos I grew from seeds. The plants are about 3 feet high and finally flowering. Cosmos remind me of my dad. He always planted them at our cottage up north. I love their delicate strength.

The artist in me is still working at low speed. I have a few projects I really need to get done ! My deadline is next Thursday, just before David and I head to Montreal for Andrea and James' wedding, Baby Cupcake's christening and then our week at the cottage. I want to have it all done but seem to still have a hard time focusing on those have-to's !

Finding time for the Soul Journaling though... Here are page 3 and 4 of the Collage Potpourri. Some of the things Sarah (at Caspiana) suggested we try on these pages were painting with a plastic fork, adding numbers in a variety of ways, doing a monoprint with a paint blob, adding significant words and doing some sewing on the page. Sewing isn't really my thing but I added some stitching in red embroidery floss to page 3 and I sewed on a tassel I made from metallc embroidery floss on page 4.

Here is a "sweet spot" shot of page 3. I love all the numbers popping through and I love how the fork painting at the bottom looks like a little red fence. I think this sweet spot should be called "Don't fence me in !"

"Don't fence me in!"

Here is the sweet spot on page 4. I think you can see it pretty well in this shot but what I love best about this page is the depth of the colors in the background. That came from the various color washes and dry brushing but also the glorious metallic color from the copper Lumiere Acrylic paint ! This sweet spot is called "Love : Long May She Reign".

"Love - Long May She Reign"

As you can tell, I am really into that creative process that this Soul Journal project has inspired. I think I will bring a few minimal art supplies with me to the cottage and continue the pot pourri thing up there ! A whole week just to play ! No have-to's ! Yippee !

To end off, here are my three beautiful things for the end of this week :

#1 My wonderful friend Sonia took me for my first every pedicure yesterday ! I know ,43 and a pedicure virgin !!! But I am a virgin no more, let me tell ya ! The woman who did my foot massage was incredible ! I almost fell asleep ! And my icky summer "Hobbit" feet are so very pretty now ! Ready for the high heeled sandals for the wedding next week ! A thousand thank you's Sonia, for that wonderful sweet treat ! You rock, girlfriend !!!

#2 My incredibly talented friend Lois has been working so hard on my beautiful dress for the wedding next week. It is turning out so well and I am excited that I will feel pretty and special in my dress. A thousand thank-you's to you too, Lo ! You are amazingly generous and I so, so appreciate it !

#3 Girlfriends, girlfriends, girlfriends !!! Girlfriends are a beautiful thing everyday ! I am so very, very grateful for them on the good days and on the bad. I also know that I am a good girlfriend back, when one of the glorious women I know needs me. Thank God for girlfriends and all the joy, support, laughter, tears and love they bring ! Now that's a beautiful thing, baby !

Happy August, have a great weekend and may your world be full of beauty (and girlfriends !) today !


Paula Bogdan said...

What wonderful pages! They just exude "FUN!" Keep it up, girlfriend! Your flower shots just make me smile. We were at the Farmers' Market this morning, and I brought home a bunch of flowers. In the mix, I had one I wished I knew the name of...and it turned out to be a cosmos! Thanks, Kim!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Kim! Great journal pages... I too, love the depth of colors. I caught your comment on the post above about 14 days smoke free... AWESOME GIRLFRIEND!!! Keep up the great work, I realize it's hard, but you are doing something incredibly good for yourself. You will reap the benefits years down the road, by quitting smoking, and you cannot imagine the horrors that await smokers who don't quit, as they age. I'm very, very proud of you. And I KNOW you are a fab girlfriend... I sense that about you and have been the recipient of your kindness and generosity many time, miles and miles away! Enjoy those pretty toes... I was in the same boat until my daughter started at an AVEDA institute... now you and I both have pretty feet. It's really a nice treat, isn't it?!? Love you!

arlene said...

Your whole post is so uplifting. And your pages! Wowsers! Very rich.

arlene in alberta

Mary S Hunt said...

KIM! these pages are stunning!!!
love the background textural "feel"
your blog has beautiful pictures posted...we have labs..

Linda said...

Your journal pages are fabulous - you are absolutely right about the depth of colours and the metallic paint....just brilliant!
I too have been photographing small sections of my pages - I think they look better than the whole page!!!

Scrappy Cat said...

I love your pages. I'm doing the soul journaling too - and loving both doing it and seeing what everyone else is doing with the same prompts.

Your flowers are beautiful too. And I SO agree with you about girlfriends - what would we do without them?!??!!

Jennifer said...

Your journal pages are amzing! The flowers are stunning and yay for girlfirends!

seth said...

Your journal is looking wonderful. I especially love the texture in the page on the right. Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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