Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Need A Vacation !!!!

So this week has been pretty crazy busy ! Tomorrow David and I leave for our weekend in Montreal and our week in Mont Tremblant. Saturday is my dear friend Andrea's wedding. Part of my busy week was spent getting my final dress fittings done (the dress turned out beautifully - I will hopefully have some good shots of it when I return !), finalizing what the Hubby was going to wear and working on this :

This is a 90 year old slate tile saved from my roof when we had it redone a few years ago. It is hand-painted with a love message for the happy couple. I have made several of these as address slates but thought this was a sweet little gift. When the tile is varnished, the beautiful depth of the slate colors comes through. Sorry about the crappy photo but I told you I have been busy !!!!

On Sunday, it is Katie's Christening. David and I are the godparents. So another part of this week was spent finalizing outfits for that event, and working on this :

I bought this keepsake box from Things Remembered and had it engraved with Kate's name. Then I personalized the shadowbox top with her birth announcement, some pretty pink paper flowers and of course, a picture of the little Cupcake ! Then, I had to do something to go inside the box and spent more time working on this :

This note is from David and me to the sweet Kate and the pictures are from our trip to Virginia, taken on the very day she was born. It is a little more scrapbook-y than my usual style but I think it works okay for the keepsake box.

I also dyed some men's sport socks pink and mailed them off to the wonderful Michelle Ward for her very sweet Pink Wink project, did all the laundry I could find, made lists of what we need to pack for our week at the cottage, fluffed up our sleeping bags in the dryer, read most of my favorite blogs, and created this post.... All that without a cigarette, thank you very much !!!! (17 days today !)

I am so looking forward to the fun celebrations of the weekend ! Lots of great times with family and friends to come. Then on Monday, this is where I will be :

The cottage at Lac Bibitte, Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Feet up on the porch railing, hot coffee nearby, a good book to read, my sweet Hubby beside me and a whole five days of "Us in Nature" time ! Sounds really good to me now, as I run through all the last minute stuff left to do before we go. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that the cottage has no electricity which means no computer which means no blog visits, no blog posts and no connecting with blog buddies for a while week ! Boo hoo ! Don't forget me while I'm gone, okay ? I kind of count on you guys being there everyday now... I promised I will have some great posts with great photos when I return. I will miss you.. really and truly miss you ! Be good ! Kiss, kiss !


Olivia said...

Kim, I hope you have a fantastic and restful vacation. I'll miss you too! Love, O xxoo

arlene said...

Oh my Kim, I'm tired just reading about your day!! Whew!

Congratulations on your 17 days!!! You go girl. And we won't forget about you at all! Enjoy your time away, and soak up all that natural inspiration in beautiful Quebec.

xo arlene in alberta

Paula said...

Have an absolutely wonderful time! The baby gift is beyond precious!

LuLu said...

Bonjour Kim! Just got back home from vacations, now it is your turn! Hope you have a wonderful at Lac Bibittes (Yikes, glad I live in the Eastern Townships were there are no bitting bugs). My grandparents had a place near Joliette in Les Laurentides and it was moskito paradise! Come and visit when you are back! Bonnes vacances! LuLu

Jennifer said...

What wonderful and full of love gifts you have been making! Your time in nature sounds so cozy, wonderful, and right on time. Have too much fun :-)

P.S. I'd love to send you those ninja magnets, email me

carolyn said...

Have a wonderful vacation! From what you are up certainly need it!
That cottage in Quebec looks blissful!