Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten Tiny Things

So the other Queen, Lesley at Funky Art Queen, posted a fun little challenge this morning. She asked us to gather 10 tiny things and take one photograph of the grouping, comment and link the photo post from our blog and we could win some of her art ! Cool, n'est pas ?

So I did a kind of stream of consciousness gathering of 10 things, plopping whatever struck me onto my tray. Then I re-read Lesley's post and saw that she told us we could have a whole week to do this ! Oops ! I didn't read through all the instructions before doing the test !!!

Anyhow, here is my photo of 10 things I gathered in about 2 minutes, photographed in about 5 minutes and then took 10 minutes editing. Hope that all ='s something kind of fun to look at !

(Hey Your Majesty, do I get any extra points for speed ? ;-) )

10 things :
1. A beanbag lizard named "Brocoli".
2. A flower pendant from the bottom of my jewelry box.
3. A broken clear glass bead.
4. A tiny rock I painted with Black-eyed Susans about 10 years ago
5. A card with a quote about "Father" on it.
6. A moon face charm.
7. A millefiori glass heart that my mom gave me.
8. A rock with interesting lines on it from my dad's trip to Nova Scotia.
9. A telephone jack thingy from the top of David's desk.
10. A collage pin I got from an swap a few years ago that was also in the bottom of my jewelry box.

Cheers and happy Tuesday !


arlene said...

Oh! I want to play too!! But I'm still covered in paint...and not from fun journaling either. I'm painting my laundry room. But as soon as I'm done, I'm hopping over to read the rules, (though you seemed to have winged it just fine!) and having a go. Glad you gave me some great reading while the paint drys.
xo arlene

arlene said...

Me again. I took the challenge, and posted my pic on my blog. I also linked you and the"other" art queen. Thanks for the great idea!

xo arlene

Leah said...

that rock with the lines on it is super cool! and the lizard's name cracked me up! hee!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I read your post on Funky Art Queen's blog how you are a teacher & you didn't read all the directions. That made me laugh out loud! Too funny. Hugs***Renea

carolyn said...

Good job Kim and speedy too!
I haven't gathered up my 10 things but I plan to do it this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm...I'll have to try this. I found several things that I liked, especially Brocoli the lizard :-) (Did you take out the other c in his name so he wouldn't be confused with the vegetable?)

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh yes the Other Your Majesty...you should get extra points for speed. I do that too...all the time, but your entry is so wonderful! thanks for playing. Keep an eye out for more about the Ten Tiny Things Tuesday Challenge.

Runs With Scissors said...

ooh, nice rock!. My mom and I collect lots of rocks with cool lines on them.