Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Queen climbs a mountain...

One beautiful August day, the mountain man

and his Queen

climbed a Mountain.

(Okay, they used the Royal Motorized Vehicle to do the climbing.)

Once the perilous acscent to the top was complete,
the Queen and her man joined the many travelers who stopped and viewed,
in awe,
the magnificient vistas.

As the Queen sat high on her rocky, lichen-covered mountain throne,

she was struck by many profound and possibly life-changing thoughts.

Thoughts such as these :

"How very, very lucky are We, (you know the royal We), to be sitting here, on the top to the world, savoring this view ? We are so grateful for this moment in time !"

"That road was so ^$*&@* (insert Royal expletive here) steep, I swear I saw the clouds go diagonal !"

"These wind-beaten shrubs that withstand the elements and thrive on the side of the mountain are an example to us all !"


"When [W]e tire of well-worn ways, [W]e seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view." (Okay, that was a thought from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, but it could have been her Majesty's !)

Viewing grand vistas and thinking profound thoughts finally complete, the Queen and her man headed back down the mountain. The perilous descent survived, they arrived at level ground forever changed after their adventure.

The moral of our tale is :

If you wish to feel like the Queen of the World (or the King, for that matter), travel to Gorham, New Hampshire and climb the majestic Mount Washington. You will be forever changed!


arlene said...

I love mountains...especially when conveyed to the top by motorized vehicles...or servants. lol
Beautiful photos, and you crack me up!

kathy mccreedy said...

Hi Kim! What awesome photos! Thanks for taking me to such a beautiful place, and when I come out your way to visit Mt. Washington, you'll have to come along as tour guide, okay?!?
It was great hearing from you, you'd been in my thougths recently. xoxo

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures and awesome royal perspective! I can't wait to see what comes in the mail for me :-)

And yes be gentle...don't be harsh when you're changing habits. I found that the little change has spurred bigger changes and I keep having to tell myself to focus on today!
Thank you for being sorry that I have more responsibility. That response lets me know you understand!

La Alicia said...

what a great escape!

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh that is so beautiful! Breath taking....really. Glad you had some quality time together with your king.

Janet said...

Beautiful photos!! My hubby used to live in NH and he mentions Mt Washington often. He loved it. I've never been that far East but I have been to the top of Pike's Peak in CO.

carolyn said...

OMG you went there too! I was a nervous wreck going up there thinking we would either go off the road or my truck would overheat or the brakes would get hot! It looks like you were much more relaxed than I was.
You asked about Diana's Baths....dogs are allowed anytime and Chica would love it!!!