Friday, September 11, 2009

It was time for Mommy & Me !

My Mommy came for some yummy, yummy Mommy and Me Time this week.

We did a photo shoot, Queen of Arts Style, on the back deck.

Can you tell how happy we are to be together ?

On Thursday, we went on a Mommy Shopping Spree, with me acting as my lovely Mom's personal shopper.

We discovered we look mah-vel-ous in matching outfits
and that purple suits us both. ;)

Thursday Night, we donned the green and got ready for Laughter Yoga class.

Here we are practicing.

We had a blast. Laughter is a fanatstic workout (my core muscles really feel it today !) and it was so fun. We had a lovely group of 6 women there, who all bravely came to try something new, who opened up to the experience and ended up having a really special time together. I was so grateful to be there with my Mom, my wonderful mom, cheerleader, guru, friend.

Today was a quieter day, mostly just spent being together. She leaves tomorrow (Sat.). I have so loved having her here with me. I am so lucky, you know, because 43 is not too old to really enjoy Mommy and Me !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful relationship you guys have and those photos show how much you love and enjoy each other - not your average mother/daughter relationship. It amazes me how you can laugh so heartily together. Great memories.

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! You and your mother are both so beautiful! And I love Laughter Yoga! What a concept! I laughed and laughed at that video! Thanks! :-)

sherry ♥ lee said...

Your mother is as beautiful as you!!! And mommy and me time...girl you are never too old for that...eva!!!! Glad you two had such a special time together ♥

Jennifer said...

Sweetest. post. ever. I love how happy you guys look and those beautiful smiles! You are so right that you are never too old for mommy and me time!

patti said...

You made me laugh too, your happiness together is so contagious!

Julie Prichard said...

What an awesome gift to have!

SE'LAH... said...

what a smile this post brought to my face. you two beautiful ladies look a lot alike.

one love.

Snap said...

Your happiness and love for each other just glows. You both are very lucky. Enjoy!

lynne h said...

kim, you're both *so beautiful*!!

(and i for one intend to give my laughter core muscles a good workout this week)

: ) : ) : )


Kate said...


I wondered what you had been doing. I love the pics of you and your Mom. You looked like 2 gals just having a blast. Sure wish I could have some Mommy time but mine has passed on. I can do that with my daughter though and its always a fun time too.


deb did it said...

Oh what a precious pair you are both so full of life and love! She is so I see where you get that "light" It's true Kim,apples don't fall too far from their tree! HAVE FUN!

jgr said...

So happy for you and your beautiful Mom. I can see where you get your beauty and that look of happiness! Thank you for sharing her with us!

Alberta said...

Your mother is so beautiful; in fact, y'all look just alike. What fun it looks like you had in these wonderful, joyful photographs. I'm so glad you were able to have this blessed time together. Mothers are the best!

carolyn said...

kim, the photos of you and your mom are so sweet and precious! that's awesome that you have such a close relationship with your mom!
my mom hates getting her picture taken and i have none of me and her.
you've inspired me to try and get at least one of me and my mom.

Roberta said...

Love the sweet laughter of mother and daughter here! You guys are SO cute together :-)
Glad you had some quality time with someone you love!

Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I am going to have fun with my mom soon, too! Not many people are best friends with their moms. I think you and I are lucky.