Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Gifts for Today...

Some gifts for today...

This beautiful bloom greeted me in the sunbeam in my studio bay window this morning.

My hibiscus plant is about 4 years old and it spent the summer outside.

We brought it in last week when frost threatened.

I know it likes its sunny fall and winter window home.

I think it gave me this awesome gift today to let me know it !

And this was in the mail box this morning.

Check out the sender's label !!!!

Wrapped up inside was this gorgeous thing!

A silver bracelet, especially engraved

inside and out for me from my dear, dear Writer-Lady Friend !

She also wrote me this beautiful note.

Yup, I cried.

I feel so special, and so loved, and so seen for just who I am.

That is some gift !

I am telling you once again,

if you ever feel unsure about whether you are loved,

give some loving out into the world.

Love on someone else

and that Love will come back to you ten-fold.

There is no doubt in me that

Love is the answer

to every single question.

So David and I are putting some extra big love on this little lady today.

This is Singer.

She is twenty-one years old.

David is Singer's human,

and she puts up with rubs and loving from me when he isn't around.

Singer is in the process of leaving her body today,

and we are sitting in loving vigil for her

and celebrating the long, long life she has had,

and the joy and love that she has brought into the world.

I know my Big Black Cat, Georgie, will meet her on the other side

and show her the ropes and share his chair with her.

Hug your kitty cats and other sweet loved ones close today

in her honor, okay,

and take some time to celebrate those gifts.

Much love, beautiful Ones.


Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Patti sent you a fabulous gift! I love your new Rock Fairy bracelet! Wow!

And, I will definitely love, hold, hug, and rub on my kitties today in Singer's honor. It is so thoughtful of you to honor Singer and to hold vigil with Singer as she says goodbye.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Things always happen for a reason -- at the time they are meant to. As you sit vigil to hold Singer as she says goodbye to this life, Patti Digh reached out and sent more love into your life. It's a circle of love and as you reach out with love, love is reaching back in to you.

Thinking of you today sweet friend.

Snap said...

Big hugs for David and Singer.

Wonderful gift from Patti.

MB Shaw said...

Oh Kim, big hug for Singer. We lost 2 of our elderly kitties this year and I still miss them so much. Sending you many warm thoughts.
And that bracelet is absolutely *the best.*

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Such extreme emotions. Losing a family member, there are no words. Peace to Singer and to David. That bracelet rocks, Ms. Rock Fairy.

Karin Bartimole said...

Hey Kim, Patti sent you the perfect gift! May you wear it with pride :)

Blessings to Singer on her journey home. What an amazing life she's lived, being here for 21 years!! A big hug to David and you, knowing the space her leaving will make, may be a sad place for a while. joy filled memories, and much love,

Anonymous said...

Sending my thoughts and good golden energy to Singer and both of you. Yes, I know Georgie will meet her at the Rainbow Bridge.

What a wonderful surpise from Patti!!! WOW.

Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes...bye bye my dear screaming friend Sing Sing.
Give her a kiss for me before she she remeber the crazy french woman who look for her in the street of Manchester, wearing her pj.

She had a wonderfull life with you guys. She was loved and you took good care of her. Ask her to say Bonjour for me to Georgie.
Pschttttt, Pschtttt as we usully talk to each other Sin-Sing and me, have a nice trip.

And bye the are the only one who did not think that you are special...I know that from more than 15 years!
Love You

Alberta said...

Hearing from you is always one of my gifts. I'm thinking of you and David today; I lost my sweet furry longtime companion Chloe a year ago.


patti said...

I hope Singer goes in peace. He knows he is loved too.

Magical gift from Patti Digh - you deserve all the love!

Carolyn said...

dearest kim~ i am sending loving thoughts to you and david as sweet singer crosses the rainbow bridge.
don't worry. she is in good hands.
my sophie girl is waiting at the bridge for singer and will show her around because that's the kind of girl she was.

what a beautiful gift to arrive from patti!!!!
you deserve all of life's treasures.

talk soon~

Anonymous said...

Love and appreciation fill my heart for all the amazing gift of life! The flowers, the friends, human and other...Your blog is full of life! Your tribute to the precious ones in your life is such a beautiful gift to us all.
Blessings and love my precious one.
Love you,

Commuter's Journal said...

Love your fabulous bracelet, Kim. As Michelle always says -- she gets you! HCIT?

Prayers and hugs to Singer. What a handsome tuxedo kitty and what a great name. I hope his journey to the other side is gentle and easy.

angel said...

good morning sunshine! there is so much i want to say or comment on here...i just got home last night from my extended trip after squam. the first thing to do this a.m. with a cup of coffee was to sit and read some of your blog...but this will take me days because i want to capture all of you that i can.
blessings to you and david on your sweet baby passing, i understand- as i had to let go of my 20 yr. old kitcat the week before squam. odd that we would've shared that too!
just want you to know that i cherish the time i had with you at squam...your generosity of friendship and spirit and everything "goodness" kept me warm in that cold, cold, place. : )
i miss you...wish we were eating waffles together right now!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm holding Singer and your family in my heart today Kim. LOVE the bracelet - such a beautiful gift for someone who truly deserves it!


Anonymous said...

My sweet Kim.

You have grown and from what little I have observed on your Blog, you have made precious friends who love and support you.

We all need to be a part of something, needed, listened-to, but more important and what YOU do, is give back and that is good and it is positive.

R.I.P. Singer, mes sympathie David
et Kim

Uncle Charlie

bluepoppy said...

I'm sending you love and best wishes as you sit vigil, reflect on the love and companionship and feel the blessings we receive from our four-legged angels. they make us better humans-- for sure.

bisous, E

Susan Tuttle said...

Love is the answer:)

such beauty here my friend:)


Genie Sea said...

Aww Kim. My eyes are full and my throat obstructed. What a beautiful tribute to a loyal friend. The love in the post radiates off the page, into the world and beyond.


patti digh said...

I'm so happy you love your wee gift. And so sad about Singer but happy for your deep deep love of her. xoxo

Kate said...

You could not have received a more perfect gift. That Patti sure is something, but then so are you....


simplydelicious said...

I am sending you prayers and sweet thoughts as you say goodbye to your kittie! What a beautiful long life you have to celebrate!

XO Karen

beth said...

oh sweetie...
I have tears welling up and spilling over as I type thoughts are with you and your hubby as you say good-bye to sweet singer...

I can't even imagine how hard this is....

I'm holding your hand....

the one with the gorgeous bracelet on your wrist....

and you know I love you...

beth said...

oh sweetie...
I have tears welling up and spilling over as I type thoughts are with you and your hubby as you say good-bye to sweet singer...

I can't even imagine how hard this is....

I'm holding your hand....

the one with the gorgeous bracelet on your wrist....

and you know I love you...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog and great words of love. I totally agree too
hugs June xxxxx

Miss Meliss said...

Thoughts of you, David, and Singer.


Jennifer said...

Hi friend! My hugs and thoughts to you :)

I've missed you this week!

Susan Sager Brown said...

I'm so sorry you will be losing Singer. My own beloved kitty, PT Barnum, is suffering from kidney failure at age 13. I am struggling with making a decision as to whether or not I should assist him in his process of leaving this world. I hope I will know when the time is right for him and not be selfish.....xoSusan

LoLa said...

Bless your hearts.