Monday, September 21, 2009

Putting Down The Landing Gear....

I am home again. It is Monday, September 21st, 2009 and Squam is over and I am living in the afterglow now.

Above are some pictures of my Big Heart Walking apron that I talked about in my last post. Believe it or not, I did not have a photo of myself wearing it at Squam. I actually took these this morning on my back deck. There are lots of things I didn't get pictures of. I feel kind of bad about that but luckily, Carolyn, my roommate and new sister/friend extraordinaire took a ton which she will share with me soon.

(Check out the Canon on this Cool Chick !)

It was a huge, busy, quite cold, inspiring 4 days in my life, this Squam Art Workshop experience. Life changing, I think and certainly, rich and full of colorful details. I am not sure how to talk about it here. I feel like today is about making a safe landing after flying out far and wide and to all sorts of new heights and low lying areas.

(Porter's Lodge - My very, very rustic, Squam home)
I want to share it all with you but that is kind of impossible ! I am still figuring out what lessons I have learned as a result of my time in that place so different from my daily life, and I am missing so many of my Squamie Mates this morning ! The most important thing about SAW for me was the people I met and connected with. They were wonderful, brave, open, fun-loving, supportive and creative people all there soaking up the most of their own experience, just like I was. I know it is going to take some time for it to all settle in me, especially being away from some of my new tribes women ! ;) I have to say I am feeling a little lost today.

The Long House - Registration place - Rockywold-Deephaven Camp

The number one best gift I got out of the whole thing was the gift of Carolyn's friendship. I can't believe we only met in person 5 days ago. I know I have a friend forever now and that makes me really happy. Plus she only lives an hour or so away so we can definitely see each other and play some more soon !

Carolyn and Me Up Close

Let me also add that I am so thankful about the weather we had. Though the cold was really hard to take (it went down to the high 30's at night and the cabins have NO heat !!!!), the sun made the whole place sparkle all day long.

When I was trying to think about what and how I would share Squam Art Workshop stuff on the blog, I thought up doing Top Ten Lists like David Letterman. I am writing those to put into my journal to document my Squam adventures and I thought I would share them here too. Here are a couple that I have written so far today and I will add in some more in my post tomorrow.
Top 10 Words and Phrases
(click to enlarge)

(Flowers waiting for us when we arrived - some for every room)

Top Ten Great Things about The Classes

(I took Judy Wise's classes Translucent Layers and The Play Book, and Sarah Ahern's class Text and Images)

The magnificent, funny, down to Earth, sweet Judy Wise
shares her tricks with my housemate, Kriss.

Judy and me. She totally made my Squam !

Top Ten Squam Foods
The food at the Dining Hall was fantastic ! Fresh, warm, hot, yummy, plentiful, and best of all, I didn't have to cook it !

Number 5 - The Queen makes and artful sundae

So there is just a little bit about what I experienced. I don't think I am going to be able to share it in a way that really makes you feel what I did. It wasn't all Pink Unicorns and sparkles. There was silly, high school-ish cool kids vs every one else stuff that happens often when a big group of women get together. There was the physical challenge of being very cold a lot of the time. There was getting used to walking a good ten minutes in the cold, through the woods, before getting a cup of coffee in the morning. But there was also the companionship and support of fellow artists, the inspiration from the beautiful natural surroundings and from the talented people around you, there was the fireside wine chats and laughs with wonderful housemates and new friends, and there was the quieter giggles and sharing with my sweet and so very real roomie and friend, Carolyn, not to mention art play and more art play and more art play...

Squam.... quite a trip, my beautiful ones !

Oh and one last thing...

When I woke up this morning, I decided I wouldn't blog or even go on the internet. I thought I would want to just take the time on my own and document stuff, journal and draw and write it all done to remember it all. I wasn't even going to turn on my computer ! As you can see I changed my mind. Blame it on Patti Digh !

David called over to me from his computer as I poured my coffee this morning "Patti Digh wrote a post all about you on her blog !" he said. What ???? Yes, it's true - my favorite writer-lady in the world posted about little old Queenly Me ! Told you I was living in life-changing times !

I am going to slowly keep going through my photos and my Squam memories and put my feet back on the ground. I feel like of like a different person today. Well, maybe not that different but definitely shinier. That's it, I think...Squam buffed me up and made me a little shinier. That has to be a very good thing in the long run, don't you think ?

Can't wait to catch up with of you asap. I am glad to be home !


sherry ♥ lee said...

Whee!!! The Queen has landed safely!!

First of all, I saw the post that Patti did the other day and I thought , "oh Kim is going to be so freaking happy!" -- glad you are!! :)

And Squam...I completely understand your almost inability to express in words how this experience touched you. I think that is part of the mystery and the magic and what makes something like this so special. It is an internal experience as much as anything else and you talked about "your tribe"...I think that sums it up. This is private and spiritual. I'm so glad it was everything you hoped and more.

Tell me, do you like waffles!?!? And the laughter and the had some plus and some minus and you took the best of all of it.

I have to ask -- though I don't expect an answer..."vagina ping pong"??? Something tells me that one would never make Dave's top 10!!! lol!!! :)

sherry ♥ lee said...

I forgot to mention -- Judy and Sarah -- two fabulous artists...oh the joy, the joy!!! And a new friend so close to and Carolyn were meant to make this journey together!! :)

Kim said...

Wow! Sounds like it was a life-changing time. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the Patti Digh post ALL ABOUT YOU! I knew you would love it. I found out soon after you left that Susannah Conway (of Unravelling) was at Squam too. Sounds like a must-do place. Glad it was everything you imagined it would be, and more.

arlene said...

Welcome back to home Court, your Highness! I totally get that it's impossible to share what happened at Squam, so I can't wait to see what beautiful and revolutionary new art comes out of that shiny heart that is YOU! Cause it was all there all along, but sometimes like you say the buffing brings out the best!
And ya, #2 on that last list? ????

I saw the post by Patti did on you. YOU!!! You have impact girl!!! I am so ordering that book!

littlescrapsofmagic said...

Welcome back, sweetheart! I am loving your apron and oh, that first list cracks me up (and I'd dying to know the stories behind some of them!) You touch far more hearts than I think you realize; you are the rock fairy supreme!

beth said...

I can only send you what I do's a hug sweetie, to go along with all my words...sorry I'm such a windy person :)

Snap said...

The Queen is Back! YeeeeHaaaw!

How cool is the post from Patti Digh! We will have to tie you down to earth!

I love Judy Wise. I love Judy Wise. I love Judy Wise.

Loved your lists.

patti said...

All your Squam creative experiences will trickle out slowly I'm sure, Kim - glad you had so much fun, but glad you're back!

Alberta said...

Welcome back, oh Queen of my Heart! You were sorely missed, but while you were gone, I just had to content myself with feasting my eyes on your print in my studio and rubbing the lucky stones you sent me. I am so happy (but green with envy, I admit it) that you had such a spiritual, artful experience (WHILE I WAS HARD AT WORK TEACHING 16 YR OLDS). You deserve all that and more for the joy you've spread in the world, Kim. So take care of yourself, get some rest, and then MAKE SOME ART, so I can learn vicariously from you.


Anonymous said...

What a sparkler you are!! Good Job Kimmy! I have no words this morning; only a joy and peace in my heart knowing you are blooming into your true Self! I love all those around you for making this beautiful journey of life so beautiful!!!
Love you,

kitasmom said...

you rocked my world...literally! thank you. you were meant to be would have been a much different week for everyone without you there...and weren't the waffles a-mazing!! so, umm, listen...vagina ping pong...explain? or maybe not? :)Linda E.

danielle marie said...

you have captured so much of squam! although I only crossed your glimmering path for a moment (sarah's class! wheee!), I have to pop in and give you some neighborly NH squamie hellos. And echo that Carolyn is a treasure. it's part of the magic of squam-- receiving magical roomie friends forever!
float on. . . and DANG, it WAS cold! brrr. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I think I was in all three classes with you-Judy and Sarah were so yummy! I'm marinating in the Squam experience...until next year!

Roberta said...

Welcome Home, Kim!!! Wow! You had yourself an adventure! I am SO happy you were able to experience the joys of Squam, the teachers, art, friendship, sisterhood...the whole journey! Ohhh, Judy Wise, and Sarah Ahearn....both teachers I have been dying to learn from! One day!
Congratulations on the beautiful post on Patti Digh's blog! You deserve it, woman! Your rocks are amazing...they touched my heart, and still do...and you deserve the shout out for your kindness...for your big heart!

Happy day to you!

Carolyn said...

What can I say dear friend that hasn't already been said? My one best gift from Squam is that it brought you into my life and for that I am so very was worth the big spider in the sink, the cold nights, mornings, classrooms...constant cold, that "one hour " of our life that we won't get back (damn!), getting wrong directions with our ginormous bags of art was all worth it.
I am still trying to process it all but am trying to play catch up in "real life."!
I'll update my blog with squam pics shortly~

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Sounds like you had a totally amazing time! And a surprise coming, too! How exciting! :-)

BJ Lantz said...

Hi Kim ~

I was sitting next to you when you took that shot with the sundae ~ too @#$% funny! I loved your rocks & have mine nearby on my desk :-) It was a pleasure to meet & share two classes with someone as talented as yourself.

Now I have to sift my pics & do some posting as well!

Keep the color flyin' ~

Kate said...


How wonderful. I love the post Patti did about you. I envy you having classes with Judy as she is a favorite of mine. I have learned a lot from her blog.


Isabel said...

How the world is small :)

A friend, knowing how I love books, recommended I check Patti Digh's 37 Days and directed me to her blog.
When I saw your stones there,I immediately looked at the one I have on top of my desk.

You see, that stone has the word TRANSFORM in it. I was offered to take out a stone from a delicious bowl of words by one of the cabinmates (YOU) of my girlfriends (Leslie Marsh and Elizabeth Bunsen) at SAW in September and I took out that one.

And only when I got home I realized how much truth was in that stone, after my experience at Squam. I was TRANSFORMED. More aware than ever of my need to write and create.

And YOUR stone is now forever on top of my desk. And I love to hold it in my hand, and feel it doing its magic.

Thank you,