Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don’t Push the River…

These postcards are the only art making that I have been doing lately.

They were inspired by my friends Corrine and Lyle, who have a lovely mail art correspondence going on, as well as my gorgeous friend Paula, who sent me one of her own postcards as a surprise by mail during the summer.


I think I am enjoying the quickness of them. The instant gratification.

I have been using all the cardboard from boxes of cereal and dog biscuits and such for them.  They also make great use of all of those small but precious scraps of papers I have gathering in zip lock bags in the studio. Fun to recycle this way.

David asked me why there were all of a sudden a bunch of snipped pieces of cardboard in the recycling bin rather than whole boxes.

Now he gets it. ;)


I have even gotten out of the practice of doing daily or almost daily journal pages.

I worried about it for a minute and then let it go.

My art is essential to me now but so is the time in between, where I go with the flow and wait for the current to pull me into action.

I can feel the creative itching coming though !

Maybe it is Fall, my most active and inspired season.

I am an October baby after all !

I have some fun creative endeavors coming up.

A week away in Cape Cod with my Arty friends ( I leave in 8 days !!!).

I will be sharing my art journaling techniques with them. My pal Colleen and I will be helping them all make a journal like Teesha Moore shares in her great YouTube Videos. And then I will help them fill some of the pages up.

I am excited to learn all the cool stuff that the other ladies are sharing too ! Some sewing, some writing, some work with wax…plus the ocean, a beautiful house for ten and a lot of great food and cocktails ! ;) Lucky, lucky Queen !

I also have a craft fair in December that I need to prepare for – not so arty but still creative…

And I am joining my wonderful Canadian Chickies for a Christimas Giftie Swap (yes, I just used the “C” word – I am sorry !) as well.

Plus I am starting a part time job at a Halloween Store for now through Nov.1st to finance all my fun ! ;)

The current is coming, Baby ! I can feel it at my back…

But for today,


and planning to make the most of this one precious day !

Big Love to you, Beautiful Ones !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Sweet! I have some rock photos I haven't shared yet. No worries about no art journalling - it's all good! It's just another process. And you're in it (whether you like it or not!)

Cheri said...

A week in Cape Cod with artsy friends?! OMG - sooooooo envious. Is there room to stow me in your suitcase?

Love the postcards and what a great way to recycle! Recipients of these must get a huge smile and just feel good everytime they look at it.

beth said...

you have lots going on....isn't it great to have things to look forward, too ?

and the postcards are divine !

Chel said...

LOVE the postcards. Enjoy your day!!

dosfishes said...

Post cards are so fun, love your phrases. Me and Lyle we just keep on going. Thanks for the mention. Good things in store for you, LOL about David's comment....
good juicy day...xox Corrine

lynne h said...

"waiting for the current to pull me into action."

yes, Big Heart! i feel this is The Way!!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Cape Code - sounds like heaven. New job sounds fun too - imagine all the inspiration you'll find in the middle of a costume store!

Sounds like the current is taking you wonderful places Miss Kim - enjoy!!!

patti said...

The postcards sound great - I love the instant gratification of the quick pieces too.

As for journaling every day - sometimes I do, then I go for weeks with nothing much, then back with enthusiasm again. Ebbs and flows..

Cinner said...

I love the postcard, it sounds wonderful a week in Cape Cod, journalling and teaching, that will be fun. all beautiful things ahead, I can feel it. take care. hugs.

priti.lisa said...

Your life sound like the color orange! Bright and exciting and burning like the sun! Gobble it up...then share it with us :)Xox

Barbara said...

But I love your postcards! Keep on going with the flow and you'll be happy.

Hugs XX

Elena said...

Awesome cards and what exciting things you have going on in your life right now!

Sam said...

Love the postcards! What a wonderful trip to be going on, you will be overflowing with creativity! x

Noelle Renee said...

I think the postcards are fabulous and they seem very retro. I think you really have something there that could catch on if you ask me. I actually think that you could create a set of them and sell them. I don't know if you would do that, but I bet you would get some interest.They are lovely.

Roberta said...

Catching up on your blog, Kim...seeing that you are also going with the "flow and the wait" of art creativity. I think it is perfectly normal...and just go with the flow! October is usually one of my best months...the weather is crisp and cool, and I am breathing in that autumn air, and watching leaves fall, and crunching them under my shoes...the world at autumn time, seems to inspire me too! Those postcards are wonderful! Do what you love...when you want...and all will be well :-)After all, you are the Queen :-)

Happy weekend to you!