Sunday, November 14, 2010

Being Kind Rewind…

So yesterday morning, on World Kindness Day, over coffee,


my honey and me prepared some little treasures to take with us on our kindness adventures for the day…




We packaged up three Rock My World rocks in little bags with a Rock My World tag attached…


I printed up some World Kindness Day bookmarks…


Threw the lot into a little decorated bag and we headed out to do our usual Saturday errands with it in hand.

We made quite a few stops along the way.

First up was the pet supply shop.

While David made a return there, I handed out the little bags to people saying “Did you know that today was World Kindness Day ?” and offering them a little gift and a smile in celebration.

I even offered a few people two bags and suggested that they pass one on to someone else to spread the love.

It is kind of scary, going up to complete strangers and being extra kind.

Why is that ?

I guess we are afraid of rejection or being laughed at or something.

Anyway, I had some lovely sweet exchanges with people there, once I ignored the fear and just went for it.

Especially one young man who worked in the grooming area. When he took his bag, he really seemed happy, and he looked me right in the eye for a long moment. As we shared that look, it felt like, “hey, we both really “get” this”…

Kindness really is contagious, you know.

Some of the bags and bookmarks went at the pet supply place, others at Lowes, at the restaurant where we ate lunch, at the kiosk where I bought a new hat, and also at the Gourmet Chef shop where three of the staff people there all got a bag of Rock My World rocks, and we all shared thoughts about how easy it is to make the day better with simple kindness.

The little red bag was suddenly empty except for a couple of book marks which I stuck on the windshield of the car parked next to us at the mall.


I had brought the camera with me but it didn’t seem right to ask people to take pictures with me somehow.

That’s okay because their smiles and happy reactions to being treated with extra kindness on this day are imprinted in my memory and my heart.

And so is the comment from one lady as David and I walked away from rock giving moment…

“It is like she is spreading sunshine.”

What more could you ask for ?

Here’s to making every day World Kindness Day in any way we can !

Big Love to you, Beautiful, Kind Ones !


***By the way, I added my little Star Shine ornaments to the Etsy shop in case you wanted to add their little twinkle to the decking of the halls or give them as gifties to a shiny friend ! See the Etsy sidebar for the link...


Sherry said...

I left a comment on facebook but I simply had to come here, to your "home" to comment...I so see you and David doing this...and I so see the huge smile on your beautiful face as you connected with all these people.

Kindness is such a simple, easy thing to do but you make an interesting point about the "fear" -- why ARE we afraid to do this? Yes, perhaps the rejection or that people will tell us off or people will think we are a little "nuts"...but in fact, no one thinks that...we all need kindness, even if it comes from a complete stranger. And just knowing how many lives you touched makes me smile. I love that you gave some people two bags and told them to "pass it on" -- kindness is such a pay it forward!!!

You rock the whole world the most beauitful way possible!! ♥

lyle said...

kim, I enjoyed reading a recap of your day. last nite Toni was talking about patients wives and parents feeling so lost and no one seems to take time to explain or help them! everyone is too busy with their own concerns to take a few minutes. she said she sat with a lady for quite a while just trying to ease her mind and direct her to the people she needs to talk with for assistance. I said you had let your friends know it was world kindness day and that I thought she had done her part!

Chel said...

This is so awesome and amazing! I love things like this- little acts of kindness to strangers, little connections made, little secret gifts left for people. I so want to do more of this... thank you so much for the inspiration and for sharing the details of the adventure with us! It made my brain start whirring about what gifts *I* can make and share with my community.... wish me luck!

buddhagirl said...

that's so awesome!!!!!!
thank you for spreading kindness... and awareness....
with love,

Dawn said...

Hey Kim,
Sounds like you and David had a wonderful day. It IS more blessed to give than receive, eh?
As always, thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Sweet that you went out and did this in person. Like the kids who go and offer free hugs! I'm glad you got such wonderful feedback too. I bet you are glowing with love today!

Anonymous said...

This is just the sweetest, most super-lovely thing I've ever seen and so are YOU and your sweetie. This truly brought happy tears to my eyes.

Elena said...

I agree with dragonfly, I felt teary. You are an amazing woman. Others would do what you do with the thought of 'what will I get in return'. But not you. And yep, it's hard to approach others. But you have me thinking of what I could do to share. You are amazing. Did I say that again? Huge hugs beautiful lady!

Kim said...

World Kindness Day Kimmypoo style! Great story, I can imagine it unfolding!

Olivia said...

You are SO BRAVE, My Queen. I have left your rocks in places (like on my trip to Brazil, which I will blog about soon) but never like you did. What a great way to celebrate World Kindness Day. And what a great supportive husband and partner. This is amazing! You rock my world today, xoO

Kate said...

What a delightful post and day. I do believe you did bring sunshine into people's lives..Good Job Queen..

patti said...

You do have a tendency to spread sunshine Kim :)

I think what you did was just so cool - happy faces everywhere!

jgr said...

Totally the coolest thing - EVER! I loved reading about it and yes: When I think of Kim, I always thing of sunshine!

Dianne said...

I love your spirit! YOU rock my world!

rachel awes said...

i looove
how you
& love
& be,

priti.lisa said...

You ARE Sunshine, Kim.
God is smiling really hard right now :D

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Oh no! I missed World Kindness Day!!! I'll just have to make up for it every other day. I love how you spent the day scattering joy. You rock (hahaha, i crack myself up)!

Bethany said...

Wow. I love how you LIVE your kindness. It's so brave and real and inspiring. Thank you.