Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday–Love Echoes…







The beautiful mugs featured here were a sweet, sweet birthday gift for David and me from my friend Patti Digh that arrived yesterday ! David and I love them. I was so excited about coffee drinking this morning ! Thank you so much , Writer-Lady Friend.

(The mugs are made by Rob the Potter in North Carolina and can be purchased at Patti’s 37 Days Shop)

David and I headed to North Beach in Hampton, NH around 5:00pm yesterday. The light was magnificent for rock gathering though it was pretty cold! Especially for the fingers, in spite of the gloves, and for our bums, sitting on those rocks! Chica came a long for the fun and had some ball throws on the sand. And yes, the crazy Yellow Lab went swimming !

Those rock hearts just keep finding me….the four pictured above jumped into my pocket at the beach last night.

Reminds me that I forgot to share this beautiful little book that I found when I was at R.J.Julia’s Booksellers in CT and asked David to buy for me as a kind of souvenir of the day…

Heart Stones by Josie Iselin is a complete and utter treat for Rock Lovers like me !

Today, I am headed to lunch with Susie, a fellow New Hampshire resident I met in CT at the Patti Digh event. We are Facebook friends and though I have only known her for a few weeks, she has made me laugh so many times in that short time ! I am thinking that laughter will be on the menu today ! Winking smile

Today, Thursday, November 4th, 2010,

I feel extremely blessed,

deeply grateful

and wonderfully happy.

Now, there’s one to mark on the calendar !

May your own love echoes fill you up today, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Thursday !


Chel said...

Ohh love those stones- and that book! Have a wonderful day!!

jgr said...

Great mugs! Just in time for the chilly weather. Looks like you had a blast at the beach too.

beth said...

oh those heart shaped rocks make me smile...especially the baby one :)

what a great day....have a great time !

Olivia said...

It is beautiful that they find you, My Queen, and that you love them. Good for you for taking time off to relax and recharge and love, xoO

Cinner said...

I love the heart shaped rocks too, thanks for the name of that book, I need to check it out. have a wonderful day. take care. hugs.

Marit said...

I hope your lunch was a good one and laughter was on the menu! I LOVE those heart stones.. have quite a few myself but they came her through my mum (she attracts them too!)

rachel awes said...

dearest one,
i always love all your word rocks
(& am now drooling at your word glass in the post below too!)..
& i rejoice with you that hearts keep finding you. i know mine is grateful to have found you. xo

Elena said...

What great mugs! And amazing heart shaped rocks! Love your posts; so much love for life and gratitude. Thankful to 'know' you!

Anonymous said...

that is a treasure trove of rocks - I did wonder where they came form.

Such ampleness.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Kim! I just love seeing all those lovely painted rocks in one place. Very cheerful! :-)