Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook–Monday, November 22,2010

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Outside my is grey. The color of the end of November, leaves gone, branches bare, roofs and building wall showing, clouds in the sky…grey.

I am thinking...about how much color affects my mood…I have to be good about keeping the brights around me as the grey season goes on, I think.

I am thankful, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue and turquoise. Grey, not so much.

From the learning rooms (known as Google in this case) the difference between affect and effect which was part of a brain fart this morning…

From the for Gluten Free Pumpkin Cheesecake which I am bringing to the Father-in-Law’s on Thursday – my sister-in-law was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease and while I won’t do the stuffing without bread crumbs, I sure can find a way to make sure she gets a sweet dessert !

I am wearing...grey (yikes!) pajama bottoms, a plum colored long sleeve t-shirt and my slippers (okay, my old, very, very beat up green El Naturalista clogs…)

I am creating... packages of notecards of my art work as gifts for the people in my Mom’s office – a contract from my lovely boss’s wife, Lottie. Profits from these will help me with my own Christmas gift giving ! Thanks, Lottie !


I am stay home today and hang out in the studio, until Meditation Class tonight. Yay !

I am reading...nothing much really. Too ready for sleep when I hit the pillow to read. If you know of a really good book with a good story, funny, endearing, poignant and/or romantic without too much violence or horror stories of overcoming suffering, please let me know ! I will stay awake for that !

I am hoping...that all the Christmas gifties that I sent out last week to my Canadian Chickie friends arrive in good condition. December is next week. Crazy !!!!

DSC00711 (1024x768)

(the packages for my Canadian Chickies – I am Day 9 – the gift is still a surprise !)

I am hearing...Azzy Cat purrs from behind me on the chair. We just finished a little lovefest of neck rubbing. His neck, my job to rub.

Around the house...quiet…greyish…Monday.

One of my favorite things...watching Azzy and Little Boo chase the new catnip Loofah Mouse I got them from Petco all around the house. I love it when the older guy, Azzy, really gets into it like a little kitten! Love my furry kiddos !


(Azzy and Little Boo do lunch.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Meditation tonight, haircut tomorrow am, lunch with my newest girlfriend, the sassy, hilarious Susie Riley on Tuesday at noon and then, the Thanksgiving prep.begins on Wednesday. David and I will join his other 4 bros and their significant others at the Father-in-Law’s place on Thursday for the festivities.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


Blue Moon Shot form last night, November 21, 2010.

I love that the left over leaves on the bare branches look like upside down hearts…

Okay, I am off to fill the studio with some color and some happy tunes on this grey and quiet Monday am.

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Cinner said...

Happy Monday Kim, I wonder if we have a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder, because colors and sunshine sure effect me. it is a great creating day all around. hugs.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I love Daybooking! I need to go over and do mine! I lost my momentum when they stopped doing it weekly.

Have a wonderful day. xo Tam

ps... would love to know where you print your cards.

Lynn said...

That last blue photo is spectacular! Is that a true color or did you alter it somehow? Lovely!!!
Your card packets look wonderful too.
I will try to think of a book for you.
But not sure they all have happy endings. The ones I read and like.
I'm in my pjs too, and burgandy long sleeved T shirt, old down slippers. Hair appointment this afternoon! ;-) Cooked sweet dish for Thanksgiving yesterday!
Just matching pictures with you.
Happy Holiday!

SusieR said...

love the canine/feline love fests there - always the best way to break up the day!

happy thought: GREY goes well with EVERYTHING! hold up everything colorful against a grey sky and see what happens...

another thought: tomorrow, ask me about Celiac - I have resources abound!! (be sure to ask before we get too silly!)


Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow beautiful packages of cards! The recipients will love them...including me:)
Thank you Kimmy.
Love you sooo much,

patti said...

I noticed the upsidedown leaf hearts right away! Thanks for sharing and wishing you many bright and happy colours!!

Olivia said...

Happy Monday to you as well, my queen. It sounds like a peaceful Monday...very sweet, xoO

jgr said...

Happy Monday to you my friend. Congrats on your card sales and all the fab plans you have.

Kate said...

Great post, I like giving away my note cards too! I think they make great gifts. I love the pic you took of the moon..

rachel awes said...

oh my heavens!
it's been so fun to catch up here!
love your notecards &
i dance with you w/your
listed colors!
& i adore your joy library below!!!
loooove to you!! xox

Terry Hartley said...

Bless you for doing the cheesecake dessert. We have gluten problems in the family (granddaughter a celiac, me gluten intolerant) so love the link to the recipe.
Gluten-free girl, Shauna James Ahern writes a lovely blog. Have your family member check it out.
Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful!

EG Wow said...

I hope the sun was out today for you!

deb did it said...

You inspire me so...and oh how I love that full moon shot...oh....

Elena said...

Always feel the love pouring forth from your posts. It's like coming here for a hug. So comforting. Beautiful artwork, beautiful photograph!