Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday : My Joy Library

Funny how things can change in one day, in one moment even…


Yesterday started of being all about anger.

As a person who is working really hard to make kindness her religion,

to walk her own talk,

anger is a hard one for me !

But I saw it through,

I journaled it,

I danced it out,

I felt it instead of reacted to it,

and now it is 95% gone and mostly peacefully resolved.


I am pretty happy with myself for that.

Now today, is all about JOY !


That one I can handle !

Meri at Meri’s Musings did a post about it, and will be celebrating it each Thursday now in a Share the Joy post.

I visited several other blogs that were all about noticing the small graces in life and celebrating them…(click on colored words for links)


and was inspired to celebrate my own joys today.


A library book card pocket set the stage for my journal page today…

My Joy Library…


with a sweet little spot for a card with a list


whenever I need to put one in or take one out and re-read it.

As I wrote the list today, I realized I could have filled many, many cards with things that bring me joy.

I think that is because once you start celebrating the simple graces and joys in life,

they seem to multiply and more and more of them jump out at you for their turn in the light.


Looking forward to filling up my Joy Library.

Life is so precious, my Beautiful Ones.

Let’s celebrate that.

Happy Thursday !


Chel said...

My "downfall" is frustration. I get frustrated (and then angry) a lot. I'm working on accepting it, working it out, and the diverting my attention elsewhere for a bit until I feel settled again. I've realized trying to repress or fight the anger does me no good simple because it's MORE frustration. So I let it come in, poke and prod at it until I can figure out what's behind it, and then I force myself to do SOMETHING else (go outside and read, create something, fold laundry, etc.) until it stops seething.

I just LOVE that page and the idea of a library of joy. How cool!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am loving that library card!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!


elizabeth said...

A joy library! What a genius idea.

A friend and I were talking about anger earlier this week. About how we really don't get angry, except in rare moments when we explode. And how we don't know how to be angry. Anyway, my conclusion is that it's not that I don't get angry, it's that I suppress it so it boils over and over or I get cynical and bitter instead - so my project is to try to figure out how my body feels when I'm angry (when I might not usually notice it).

iHanna said...

Kim, what a beautiful page, full of energy in some form, hehe, but I know the feeling. It is very cool that you let it be but not acting. Take care.

Olivia said...

I too love the energy here, the library card idea, and the journal pages, especially the one of you and your husband used as a mask--wow! I am glad you worked out your feelings in a creative way and are back to your Queenly self! xoO

Noelle Renee said...

I love the idea of "dancing out" your anger. I think that the library of Joy is fabulous. I am going to start one myself. Every time I come to your blog you give me new ideas, new ways to look at the world, a new perspective. I am so appreciative. Thank you for your creative spirit!

Marit said...

It sounds like you are taking my online workshop "Mixed Emotions" - yep, we went from anger to joy too (and hate, and love, and, and...) funny how emotions can change in a split second and how we can "journal them away" isn't it?! Art journaling is sooo healing!

Meri said...

I love the idea of a Joy Library and especially the little pockets with the old book check-out cards to keep a record of what fills you with joy. This is just a perfect, perfect post for Share the Joy! I truly believe that by noticing the moments of joy and choosing to make them count, we increase the amount of joy in our lives.

dosfishes said...

Joy library, I like that, we should all do that more often. xox Corrine

Paula said...

Love it,KIm! This post is just what I needed today...still had those dang gone cranky pants on. Hope you don't mind, but I need to start myself a JOY journal.

P.S. Bristol's not gonna be in it!

joco said...

Hiya Kim,

Fun and joyous indeed.
Love the art work you incorporated.

slommler said...

Love your joy journal and the joy tag!! Wonderful!! Yes we all need to celebrate in our lives more often!! So I join you in my dance and sing out with joy. Thankful for this day I have been given!! Woot!!

Kate said...

Love the pocket idea, I have seen you use it before. I seem to forget about it though. There are so many ideas for art journaling. I just love that about the technique. There are always so many choice and ways to play.


turquoise cro said...

YES! Write all the JOY down and save it to read for a rainy day!!!

MB Shaw said...

What a wonderful post! I love this Thankfulness Thursday and your journaling is beautiful.

Bethany said...

I love coming here and seeing all your art and colors and joy. You make me smile always. The library card is especially wonderful. Catalog those joys! What a fantastic idea.
Thanks for being you.

Anonymous said...

That is so great that you were able to stop and feel the anger instead of reacting. Celebrate this accomplishment!