Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And this Little Piggy….

Yesterday was a good day.

It was grey again but there was a light shining around me somehow that made things all fall into place.

I lived a really good day.

It started with a little craftiness. I was going to lunch with my new Gal Pal Susie Riley. She has a thing (like I do !) for the silly Geico commercial with the little pig going wee…wee…wee all the way home.

Maxwell the Pig

Cracks me up every time !!!

Well, my sweet hubby David, knowing of Susie’s love for said commercial, suggested that I should make Miss Susie a pinwheel as a fun thing to do that would make her smile.

I loved the idea !

I looked up some instructions (it has been a long while since I made a pinwheel!) and got out some pretty orange paper (Susie seems like an orange to me – bright and full of energy) and created a little giftie for my new friend.


Then I headed out to the hairdresser to get the do redone. I had a great time with Deb, my hairdresser. She is a sweet, really positive person and she have me the best scalp massage…oh, Lordy, it was good…

She has decided she would like to have a little bowl of Rock My World rocks at the salon so she can share the love with her clients.

We are going to make it so.


Here is a self-portrait as I left the salon on my way to meet up with Susie Riley in Concord, NH.

Though it was gloomy and grey outside,


Susie and I had a cozy and bright lunch at the Barley House restaurant.


We laughed and joked with our lovely waitress, Amanda, who was very envious of Susie’s pinwheel but who felt better when I let her choose a Rock My World rock of her own.

Amanda’s rock said “Embrace the Unknown”…and she did !

(Amanda was warned that her photo may end up on my blog and she was fine with that ! She is a photographer herself. Love those Creative Types !)

Susie had bought a brand new point and shoot camera that morning. Guess what ? It was the exact same one I got for my BD in October – a Canon Cybershot !


Susie taking a picture of me taking a picture.

We had a chatty, giggly lunch, followed by some lovely shopping in cute little stores on Main Street in Concord.

When it started to rain, we headed back to the Barley House for a beer and were joined by Susie’s hubby, Rick, who works close by.

I have to say that Susie and Rick are really good people, and I am really enjoying getting to know them.

I truly love Miss Susie. She is a fun, ballsy, positive, life-lover with a huge heart and a quick, quick smile and a soul-warming laugh. Plus she is frickin’ hilarious !

She, of course, loved her pinwheel gift !


Rick may have been very glad that it was raining out when we left  each other so that it couldn’t be stuck out the window to blow in the breeze.

But I know that both of our cars were filled with the sound of happy little piggies

going “weee..weee…whe…wheeeeeee !” all the way home !

I lived a good day.

I am so very grateful for this life and every precious moment of love and connection that I experience.

Life’s is good, Beautiful Ones ! Live it up today, okay ?

Big Love to you !


LuLu Kellogg said...

Your hair looks beautiful!!!

That commercial just cracks me up and every time my littlest Pom hears it on the TV, she starts spinning around like a top!

Just popping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mary said...

oh Kim what a glorious day you had.
i am bummed it was raining and you all did not get to let that pinwheel spin in the breeze!! maybe another day!! you need to make a few and leave them in the car!!! :)

Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving - which I am sure you will - you celebrate well I think!!!

Olivia said...

The gift of a good friend--what a precious gift. And you, My Queen, are blessed with many!

Thank you for being such a good friend to me as well, and the gift you gave me in your comment.

I hope you have many more such happy days with special friends and fun times; thank you for sharing them with us. I didn't go, but in a way, I felt like I was "there" watching and celebrating with you!

Peace and LOVE,


Kate said...


Oh that was too funny, I had not seen that commercial before. Too funny. Loved the pinwheel idea and the time with your new friend sounded wonderful. You do live life to the fullest. We are digging out of all the snow. Thanksgiving will just be the two of us but we'll still enjoy it. A happy Thanksgiving to you to. I am grateful for your friendship.


dosfishes said...

Sounds marvelous and your pal Susie looks like a hoot. What's not to love about pinwheels, especially pretty ones like that. Happy American Thanksgiving to you and David! xox Corrine

beth said...

awwww sweetie....i think and believe that anyone in your presence has a smile on their face and in their hearts the whole's a gift you have !!!

happy thanksgiving to you and david.....and wee wee wee all the way the way home :)

beth said...
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SusieR said...

I had a delicious day as well, oh yummy Rock-Fairy lady! Such lovely silly fun we do have together!!!

And my sunny orange pinwheel is now located in a position of honor upon my desk, where I can blow upon it and create happy magic... and remind me to just hold on and yell WWHHEEEEEEEEEEE whenever things get a tad off course!

But as much as I adore my pinwheel, my best gift yesterday was your presence. Here's to many more silly afternoons of visiting and giggling!


Chel said...

You look amazing! And this post was so much fun to read. Gracie and I are going to HAVE to make some pinwheels now! :)

EVA said...

Great day!! I love how Susie's pinwheel matches her sweater! Were you ever right-on in your colour choice!

Lynn said...

What a fun day! Your hair looks divine da'ling! And the pin wheel fantastic!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

jo©o said...

Happy THANKSGIVING to you and thanks for being a CYBER friend.

What a day you had. Uplifting.

slommler said...

That commercial cracks me up too. What a delightful and beautiful gift!! I love it and I can see she does too!!
What a fun day you all had!!
Wonderful....nothing can beat a day like this!
Happy Thanksgiving hun!!

Genie Sea said...

Sweet Kim!!

Thank you for being! You spread joy and love wherever you go, like golden sunny drops of honey. Thank you so much for reminding of what I have truly missed as I cocooned inside my head! I send you love because nothing less will do! :)

Dawn said...

oh my gosh, i thought i was the only one who giggled every single time this commercial came on! hahaha. Awesome pinwheel too :)

Anonymous said...

oh i love this, 'i lived a good day!' what a beautiful reminder. and i felt the total 'goodness' from your post. :)

MB Shaw said...

I love that commercial too! I am actually re-assured to hear about a lot of others who enjoy it too, tee, hee, or wee, wee. I was becoming a bit concerned about myself, ha! Not....