Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daily Poetry…

Today on the amazing blog 3X3X365,

South Bend, IN

(aka Kathryn Schuth)


“What is our daily poetry?”

The idea of our daily life as poetry, as art, struck a cord deep inside me.

As did that idea that we have choice in the kind of poetry we choose to write each day.

Will it be full of “fine” or not so fine whine?

Will it be full of “Oh, poor me!” or “I can’t”s?

Or will it be full of the long list of blessings we can count ?

Of beauties we have around us ?

Of the many ways that LOVE fills us up ?

Oh, that choice, that responsibility isn’t always easy !

In fact, some days, it is incredibly hard.

But life will go by whether we create the art we want to live or not.

So what poetry will you choose to write today, Beautiful Ones ?

<3 <3 <3<3<3

I will share a little bit of mine…


(art journal page ‘ “Plan ? What Plan?”)



What I chose to see in the vast quantity of maple seeds covering the back deck…


The last marigolds from the pot of annuals I have yet to empty on the back deck, tucked into my favorite rock vase.

They all fit together beautifully somehow, don’t they ?


Poetry I set up on my desk to remind me of my work today…

And if you need just a little more inspiration to tap into your own beautiful strength and courage, please read my dear, dear friend Rebecca’s post today. It brought tears of joy to this brave heart.

Light and love,

and happy creating !


Sherry Smyth said...

love is poetry...poetry is love...and I love your poetry vignette. I also love being forgotten to be told the plan...the plan? there is a plan??? lol!! I love your take on that...indeed. the plan is what we create as we go along each day, nothing more, nothing less.

And very much YES!!! to the rafters on Rebecca's post...warm and inspiring in so many ways.

Just like you ♥

Carmen said...

oh uh oh!
i believe in poetry!
i am so heading to meet her
and love love love your little altar of found nature love it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Kim! Well, YOU are part of my poetry today. You set the stride for me . . . to not dread the day ahead but purposefully fill it. Thank you!

Chel said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I'm struggling to "connect" with today so this helped so much. Thank you!

beth said...

if i don't get any poetry written today, i'll just cuddle up in yours if that's okay with you :)

Elena said...


Nadeja said...

Once there was a mother
Who had three girls
They are so beautiful
Like precious pearls!

Love you:):):)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

This is so sweet and lovely. I am finding what is left blooming in stark contrast to what is shedding itself and letting go. I am cherishing that one thumbergia bloom more than the hundreds that were on the vine at the same time through the summer. How brave they are to hang on, to offer themselves as inspiration to us who choose to look and to see. My heart is full with this today. Thank you, friend.

Deb said...

Ah, your words ring true. We do have choices and with those choices comes responsibility. Sometimes it is difficult to put it all together so that it makes sense...especially since we do not have the blueprints. Reading posts such as yours helps to keep me on track. Take care and enjoy your day !

Dianne said...

Thank you... I needed to be pushed to make the right choice for today.

rebecca said...

i have been carrying you in my heart aLL DAY...

only to find you have been carrying me in yours too.

that is the joy of friendship.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for this wonderful inspiration...daily poetry