Friday, October 7, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday–The Red Tutu

Edited *** A few weeks back, my lovely friend Meri, shared a pic of herself with a beautiful red tutu that she had received from the amazing Deb at Talk at The Table  (not my friend amazing Deb Taylor at Deb Did It  as I originally posted  - Sorry to have gotten my Debs confused but thankful to have discovered Deb C. and her lovely inspiring blog through this !) to celebrate her birthday.

Meri did the sweet deed and then offered to pass the tutu on to someone who had a birthday later in the year.

Guess who jumped on the opportunity to share such a gift ?!

My birthday is on Sunday but I will be away in Canada with my family.

So today seemed like the perfect day top celebrate my Self !


Here I am in my Rock Fairy Uniform, featuring the beautiful, fluffy red tutu hand made by Deb !


David, my best cheerleader, but who I am sure thinks I am just a little nutso, helped me with the photo shoot ! (A little ?)


I even wrote a haiku in celebration of this sweet event :

The Red Tutu came

Full of love, laughter and fun.

My Self wore it well ! 


It was great fun to be silly, to not care about what anyone else thought and to just be me in all my Rock Fairy, Princess in a Tutu, 46 (almost) year old glory !

A funny thing happened too, as I was editing this crazy fun photos.


When I came to this photo, which I love, love, love…

I was instantly reminded of this photo I have blown up and sitting in my studio :



She is still in there, that 5 year old me. Shiny and bright, 41 years later.


Somewhere along the lines, she sure did learn the lesson well.

Use those wings, Beautiful Ones !

And a tutu too, if that works for you !

This is our one, precious life.

Let’s Live It Out LOUD !!!

Big Love !


Haiku Lovers, head over to recuerda mi corazon for more lovely word play.


Chel said...

You are so beautiful and wonderful- and I LOVE the fact that your inner child is clearly ALIVE and VERY VERY WELL!! I'm trying to tap more into mine (have you seen my profile picture on Facebook? that's me, when I was a kid- *she's* who I am tapping into every day!) <3

Stephanie said...

You DO wear it well...


you still have the same beautiful smile. Happy Birthday Kim!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I adore this post!! Happy birthday to a rockin fairy tutu wearer!
This has made my start to Friday WONDERFUL

jgr said...

You are more beautiful than EVER--and I love the pic of you at 5 years. Happy (early) Birthday!!!

tami said...

this just made my heart sing : 0 So happy you wore the tutu, and have that child still with you!!!

Ramesh Sood said...

I loved that the five year old is still there in you.. can there be a better way to celebrate life.. well my good wishes to you..and fun is that next year too she would be five.. wow!!!

GYamato said...

United, Sisters and Brothers of the Awesome Traveling Tutu.
United, Inner Children that we might set the fairies in our midst free!
(My inner fiver sends her regards to yours). Love this post! Happy B'Day!

LuLu Kellogg said...

You are one beautiful girl!!! I love that Tutu and now I wish I had an orange one! I am thinking a trip to Joann's Fabrics for some orange tulle will be needed!!!


Rosie said...

You look absolutely bloody marvellous darling!! What a gorgeous splash of red to wear... and you wrote the best haiku. I wish you a completely wonderful birthday and I owe you post. I haven't forgotten - it shall arrive!! xoxoxo

Olivia said...

OH, My Queen, what a great birthday post! I almost cried when you posted the pictures of the little you--I teared up--because I CAN STILL SEE THE LITTLE GIRL IN YOU--you have not lost her, and that is so beautiful and poignant to see.

What birthday fun, have a wonderful day on Sunday! Much love to you, Olivia

Sherry Smyth said...

You rock it well!!! And I love that the tutu came to you in time for your birthday!! I know where this tutu has been!! lol!! And I love that it is getting passed around the globe to make birthdays that much sweeter!

Wishing you a beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving with those you love and a birthday that carries you through the entire year!!

Rock on ♥

Kate said...

Oh Kim, I just love the red tutu and the crown too and the wings so perfect. I only have the crown, I think I need some more fun tools. Although I don't hink I would look as good as you in a tutu. My daughter has a pair of black feathered wings, I may have to borrow someday. SO fun.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!


beth said...

you are a kook....the kind of kook i love.
and omg, that 5 year old photo of you next to you haven't changed a bit.

and now you have the fun of passing the tutu get to do a "drawing" just like meri and i did, to see who gets it next. that's if david can wrangle it out of your hands :)

happy early birthday sweet fairy friend of are loved !

Cheryl said...

I love the playfulness in you, the whimsy in you, the YOU in you. Have a fabulous birthday. You rocked the tutu.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Nutso but in such a lovable way, this is just great. Love the pic compsrison, glad your inner child spirit shines through. Have a marvelous celebration with family. xox Corrine

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What's a rock fairy (almost typed "hairy" there!) without a tutu! Lovely, celebratory and colourful (spelled the CDN way). Happy trails and happy birthday!

deb did it said...

You are so dang precious....I adore you in that TuTu. Kim...that photo of your hands holding your love rocks is amazing.
The red. the black and purpleness....

happy birthday my love!

deb did it said...

and oh you at 5 ....darling. And you are still that adorable, young and fresh !! xoxoxo

beth said...

oops.....there is a mistake here :(

the red tutu originally came from DEB...
BUT it's deb from

no problem though kim....i know you had fairy wings on your mind when you typed this :)

Meri said...

What Deb T. said! And I'm glad Beth cleared up which Deb it was, because I thought it was Deb T.

Cinner said...

I think you look fabulous, you are so beautiful, and lucky that 5 year old exists. you do have the same style, love your excitement for life. have a wonderful thanksgiving in Canada. hugs to you.

Dianne said...

What an amazing alter fairy ego! I love the tutu and the gloves and wings! Yes that five year old is still in there! Have fun!

Fallingladies said...

this is such a wonderful post, Love how brave you are, I might wear this wonderful outfit and even have photos taken but I get scared to post my craziness... my daughter wore a tutu for her
two-two birthday and at 22 hardly anyone batted an eye when she went out to bars and such with it on,but it's harder to be brave as we get older though! Yeah for you!

rebecca said...

i adore you beyond words!!
happiest birthday my sweet queen of hearts!


Spadoman said...

You are one of the most lovable, beautiful, kind, crazy and innocent individuals on the face of the earth! I would love to sit with you and talk for a couple of hours over coffee or tea. Have a great time in Canada and the happiest of birthdays!

Peace, Love and Hugs to you and all you hold dear, especially that 5 year old cutie inside.

elizabeth said...

You wear it SO VERY WELL!

The happiest of birthdays to you, dear Kim! Thank you for bringing more joy and life and laughter and beauty into my world.


gemma said...

You are precious! Love that happy shiny you and happy shiny child are in sync.

blueskyartist said...

Love the photos! Happy Birthday! (Hmmm...maybe I will ask my hubby to do a photo shoot of me! Thanks for the idea!)

Marit said...

Stopping by on your birthday - and finding you dressed in a red tutu - makes my day!!! Happy, happy, happy day dear one! And many, many, many more!

Hazel said...

Oh yes you wore it well! And you were a pretty 5-year old. I love fairies too.

Carmen said...

you rock!
baby baby !!!!
super cool my friend very very super cool!
happy birthday!
feliz cumpleanos a ti1
stay like this forever

Elena said...

Oh Queen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I don't know what I love most, your shining spirit, you in the tutu, or the absolutely glorious look in your eyes then and now. Thank you for sharing that beauty of yours.

angel said...

All I could think when I read this and saw your adorable rockin pics, is how much I want to be in your presence again someday!!! I hope you had a fabulous birthday, you are so precious!!!!

Susie Clevenger said...

What fun to celebrate the inner just be free to act the pictures and the words!! I care little what the world thinks of my craziness... :)

Vintage Green said...

You wore it well indeed!!!
Happy birthday!!! Happy year!!
(can't wait to see who wears it next!!)

Anonymous said...

This is PRECIOUS!!! You look splendid in all your fairy-ness! Kim, the little girl, and Kim, the beautiful all grown up Queen, SPLENDID! Hope you're birthday was fabulous and wishing you every goodness in the coming year. ((((HUGS))))

aliceinparis said...

Such wonderful fun! I LOVE the pic of you as a little girl and the grown up you side by side. Still the same person! I have a red tutu and am so envious I did not think of an idea like this so I could share the magic of it with everyone! Red tutus are special!
Cheers, Shelagh