Monday, October 17, 2011

Walking in Orange…

PMS sucks.

I think that’s what it is.

Or maybe it is the planetary alignment ?

Whatever the cause, I felt very sucky when I woke up today.

That just happens some days.

The day was seemingly following my mood as a few things happened as the day got underway that were kind of sucky too.

In an effort to change the pattern of suckiness, I went for a walk with Chica.

It is gorgeous out today ! Sunny, very windy, but warm, and the colors of Fall are absolutely spectacular !

Here are a few views from my walk...


Our neighbors, Kim and Dave (how funny is that ?!), who live two doors down have lovely porch décor.


Look up ! That orange against the blue sky is so pretty.


I know that Chica wishes I would listen to this rock but being on leash is a must in the city !


Not sure what these berries on this prickly bush are called, but their persimmon red/orange color really caught my eye.


This shot is of a pile of broken glass, really thick stuff. I don’t know what it belonged to but I thought it was cool looking.


Some more orange. A scared looking skeleton, swinging in the wind.


Here is a shot of a Rock Fairy classic - putting a rock atop the fire hydrant.

Orange again…


I snapped a couple of pics of the “okay” rock.

I like this one too – with two pairs of feet…


Speaking of feet…

Fall would not be complete without walking through the leaves, listening to the swooshing, crunchiness. I even love the smell of the decay…


I picked up a Gingko leaf to bring home. Their shape and the fact that they are a symbol of strength, hope and peace made me pause and want to bring some of that home with me this morning.

For this pic, I paired it with the last rock in my pocket.

A message for the rest of my day, perhaps ?

“Go with strength, hope and peace.”

Nice one…

So while I still feel kind of sucky,

and while there may be things about this day that will continue to suck,

tonight when I go to bed and look back on the day,

there will be sweet moments of strength, peace and hope to focus on,

in spite of the suckiness.

I hope you have an un-sucky Monday, Beautiful Ones.

Go with strength, hope, peace and Big Love!


Sherry Smyth said...

Sucky days just suck...and they suck the juice right out of you. I'm glad you decided to "move" and be outdoors and enjoy nature and your surroundings. There is no can perk you up like nothing else!! Here is to strength hope and peace and a better tomorrow!! xo

Mary said...

there are always little moments of un-sucky in the suckiest of days...

i love the smell of fall too.

hoping tomorrow brings you more sweet moments than sucky.


Janet said...

Sucky days are the pits. I'm glad you got out and enjoyed some of the beautiful fall weather. That shot of the orange leaves against the blue sky is spectacular.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it won't be sucky!

jgr said...

Well, you did the right thing, walking with furry help is bound to chase the blues away. I love the fall colors you've shown us-and of course I love your rock messages.

Julie said...

Chin're allowed a PMS day. :)

This is a beautiful fall tour..thank you!

patti said...

Good for you Kim! Looking for the sunshiny orange is a great way of scaring the icky moods away. Love your pics!

Dianne said...

Kind of sucky here too... Maybe this evening will be better....

Stephanie said...

hope your day ended up a bit less sucky! I LOVE that you walk around with the rocks in your leave little gifts/messages to the passerbys.


Chel said...

Thank you for sharing your walk with us- it definitely made me feel a little better! I love the contrast of orange and blue... great autumn combination that Mother Nature gives us.

(I have PMS, too. Blargh! tricky hormones!!)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Another Kim and Dave on the block?!!! You are kidding!!! I, too, have been noticing orange in strange places. I hope the wind blew some of that crankypants out of you. Another day tomorrow....another opportunity for everything....

Roberta said...

I'm in that boat, rowing along right with you, sister!!! Ugh...I completely and totally understand. Added to the irritation, is the fact that it is SUMMER TEMPS here...ugh. Can you send a little fall colors my way, Kim???
Maybe tomorrow, we will both feel better!

Hugs to you,

Lynn said...

I hope the yuckies have gone their way! Those orange and yellow leaves look like the painting I did on Sunday! Wow. They make me smile big time. So bright and cheery.

SueAnn said...

Yes! Some days can be yucky so thank God for those secret messages and signs of good things to know about!!
Love you sweetie

Nadeja said...

Orange you glad it's Tuesday?:):):)
Love you Kimmy,

michelle renée bernard said...

Interesting how a pile of broken glass was discovered on a nice pile of soft grass. Hmmmmm.....

Rita Vindedzis said...

It's great that you could recognize the day for what it was and then decided to overpower the suckiness and get out and enjoy nature. Hope you're feeling better Kim.