Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little altars everywhere…

I have been making little altars in my space since I was a little kid.

A gathering of items that bring me joy.

Things that represent me in the moment.

Bits and pieces I love.

On my computer desk, I have this little altar spot right in front of my eye.

There, I have a postcard made by Facebook friend with my life mantra on it.

I have a little clay piece my dear friend Kim made for me.

I have the amazing rock vase made by NH artist Lee Spiller that I gifted myself with.

And I have a sweet painted heart rock from my soul friend, Lynne Hoppe.

To these lovely bits, I occasionally add a rock of my own making.

This morning, I needed a rock.

I needed one to ground me.

I needed one to keep me filled up as I was feeling far too much on the empty side…


The rock I chose was “hope”.

I love that word.

I even love the shape of the letters that form it.

But this morning, it didn’t feel like enough.

So, I reached into my bag of rocks for another.


Guess what rock came to me ?



Message heard.

I guess today, I needed twice as much hope as usual.


So full of hope,

I will meet the new day.

I hope your day is a joy-filled one !

Big Love !


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Olivia said...

I love it when the Universe speaks to us like that, My Queen! It makes me strong just knowing that maybe, really, maybe I am truly cared for. I hope you have a wonderful day! xoO

Mary said...

there is always hope...

hope you are feeling full of it!!!


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

It's pretty great when the universe slaps us up side the head, kind of hard to ignore. Here is hoping you have a wonderful day full of sunny love. xox Corrine

Chel said...

Oh, I LOVE that. LOVE it! I think that second rock may have been an extra bit of hope for me, as well!

My message of hope and connection is seeing a rainbow, and I've seen so many these past few days. Tiny ones in the shower, reflected off the shower glass and all over the bathroom. I see them and I know that I need to just be okay for a while and stop DOING. But I'm trying to figure that out.

Julie said...

Hi Kim! It's nice to me that you call these "shrines"... Gives them a very special meaning...and makes me want to make some too. I have one of your says "rest your soul"...when I see it I feel really good..xx

Nadeja said...

Way to go my girl.
I love you,

Nancy Markosky said...

Sometimes we don't get it the first time and we need it twice to get the message- it always makes me smile when I get the same message twice- i think...well duh!

lynne h said...

ahhh, sweet one... blowing you as much Hope as breath can hold...


rebecca said...

dear one,

i am here holding you in love and hope.....
forever and always.

Carmen said...

yes to altars and the comfy shelter they give to our souls