Monday, November 7, 2011

Taking it slowly…

Hello, Monday !

This weekend was all about leaf raking with the hubby. We made a start on the big yearly task. With 6 big maples in the backyard, we still have a lot to do. Yay for teamwork !

I was also working on the gifties for my mom’s office staff.

Every year, the boss’s wife gives me a contract for 40 or so of whatever crafty thing I come up with to add to the gift bags that she makes for all the staff.

This is what I came up with this year :


Car Jewelry !


If you drive in big city traffic like they have in Montreal, I figure a little message of calmness and something pretty to look at hanging from your mirror is a nice gift.

The charms are made out of self drying clay and the words are stamped with a rubber stamp alphabet. My friend Kim shared her technique with me. Thanks, Kimmypoo !

I received my new blank Moleskine art journal but haven’t taken the time to start using it yet.

I am focused on the craft fair in December right now and I am missing the real arty me.

I promise myself to find at least an hour, and splatter some paint around on a couple of those pristine pages this week.


Azzy and I are ready  for the day.

How about you ?


“I need neither future nor past, but to learn to take today not too fast.” 

~Jeb Dickerson

May you have a slow but sure Monday, Beautiful Ones.

Big Love !


Kate said...

Oh I love your little calm charm, its something that we could all use. I've been so busy, sorry I haven't been able to stop by before now.

Good luck with all the leaf raking. I also find it helps to step away from big projects and do a little art just for me. It then tends to help you finish the big project cause you had that little play time.


jgr said...

Hi Kim,
Your car jewels are wonderful!!

patti said...

What a great thinker you are Kim - Car jewels! :) a great idea!

I hope you get back to that lovely journal soon!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I love the idea of bling and zen for the car at the same time. Great idea Kim. I am sure Mom's office will love them. Good luck with craft fair prep, that loads of work. Hope it flies by with creative flair and extra coffee? xox Corrine

Marcie said...

I love your little car very clever and creative!

Janet said...

I love the car jewelry idea! Traffic can be so crazy and a little reminder to stay calm is great.

I hope your Monday is calm and slow-moving, and filled with happy things.

Stephanie said...

How lovely that you get this 'task' every year...they should love this car jewelry.

this has been a hectic Monday for it goes.

SueAnn said...

The car jewelry is a wonderful it!!
Yep...I am ready for a slow slow Tuesday too!

iHanna said...

It would be great if time could slow down, so I'd have more time in my day to fill my art journal, to write, to doodle... But those hours are so few right now. Slow down, dear evenings!

Entertainment said...

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Really loving blog.

Mary said...

these are just perfect!!

i want to thank you dear Kim for all your positive and encouraging comments...they lift me each and every time!!

much love to you!

Marit said...

What a wonderful charm Kim! Such a strong message to keep in mind while driving! Have fun with the Moleskine book (or whatever other craftyness you're going to do this week..) It's good to take some creative me time, if only for an hour... !!

Chel said...

I LOVE the car charm! What I would really like is about 30 of these to hang on my little mindful holiday tree I'm working on putting together for this holiday season :) Beautiful and inspiring, as always. Thank you for shining your light out on us! <3 <3