Thursday, November 17, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–Joining the Circle of Love

My friend Spadoman is being encircled with love.


(For Joe – 12X12 Canvas, acrylic and collage)

I am a part of the circle.

And I am joined by some incredibly strong and loving hearts.

I took some time yesterday to create.


That creative time helped me focus on sending my friend love from deep within me

and joining into the loving web that surrounds him.


There is a special Soul Joy in that.


In getting away from the worry, the wanting to help but being unable to in the physical ways,

and instead, just focusing on what the Heart does best.


Sending big love and light.

We are with you, Man. And I know you feel it.



Meri generously brings us together each Thursday to Share the Joy.  It’s a beautiful thing !


She is also sharing wonderful things by and for women of substance, on her new site, Finally Me. My recent post Just Jump In has been featured there today. Thanks so much for the recognition, Meri !


This beautiful thing is also bringing me much joy this week.

Miss Pumpkin is a total love bug ! She is settling in very well and will probably be able to meet her feline brothers and canine sister gradually within the next day or two. Nothing like a cat who give head butt kisses ! Love that !

I hope you find joy in sharing your heart and love today, Beautiful Ones !

Big, big love !


beth said...

could you radiate love and strength even more....i think now. you amaze me !!

rebecca said...

i can feel the love in every brushstroke! thank you for your perfect presence in the circle of love for our man of peace joe.

welcome to pumpkin! what a lovely home she has been adopted into!

love you kim!

Rosie said...

Kim, that's a beautiful canvas for Joe - he will surely love it. Your love and big heart shines through all that you do sweetie.
And me loves head butt kisses too!! Miss Pumpkin sure is pretty!

PS - any sign of that package yet? xo

Noelle Renee said...

Dear Kim,
Your Artwork for Joe brought tears to my eyes and the circle you created with stone hearts and candles, a little vigil altar of love for him. I have been bearing up well but for some reason your entry finally made me cry. I think that is a good thing. It is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it and for what you have done for Joe.

Lynne said...

Such love and joy, and strength. Thank you for sharing and the reminder to go deeper.

Love to Pumpkin and your growing family!

jgr said...

Kim, so much JOY is around you, that Pumpkin is a darling . . . and a lucky one! Your art and rock alter is just SO beautiful. You are a good friend.

Carmen said...

oh that feather in your painting!!!
<<< Angel >>>>
sending a thought to your friend and now let's get to read you in finally me!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful tribute and what a lovely way to focus your energies for Joe!

Congrats on the now to read it!

DebC said...

Beautiful artwork
(and cats are always a plus)!

Janet said...

You have such a beautiful heart and soul and it shines through in your art.

One of my kitties give head butt kisses, too!

lyle said...

kim, what a wonderful picture! I am sure joe will enjoy it! and what a great kitty.

Meri said...

Kim, your post is already generating comments on FinallyMe. People love seeing how the page developed, stage by stage. It gives them confidence to do it on their own.

And as for the painting you did for Joe, it's perfect -- feathers, dream-catcher and all. I trust that the love is going straight to the broken places.

deb did it said...

Kim, this painting is so very beautiful...each detail, so Joe... so beautiful

Chel said...

So beautiful. And so much love to Joe - will travel over there and send him some support after I leave this comment.

Okay, your kitty? THAT FACE!! Oh my gosh. SO sweet. Sweet, sweet Pumpkin! Looking at her makes my heart so happy. Now I need to go find my kitties (no head bumpers in my crowd, but they are all LOVIES in other ways, so I am so grateful!) and give them some love.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

love that painting for your friend Joe... and something about it being photographed with candlelight is magical! It just comes alive.

Miss Pumpkin is a sweetheart :)

xx Jaime

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I don't know your friend, but Lyle mentioned him as well. What a beautiful loving heart healing way to honor him. xox Corrine

Kate said...

Your painting is awesome, your friend will be so excited by it. Such a piece from the heart.