Monday, November 21, 2011

Rocking the Beach on a November Sunday

We were blessed with a really warm November Sunday yesterday.

It was about 65 degrees in the afternoon.

Perfect for one last rock gathering before winter and a sweet visit to my favorite beach with my favorite guy!



This is the sea wall, where all the good rocks are.

See our special Rock Fairy buckets ?


Keeping it clean…


While it was pretty warm outside, that water looked pretty chilly !


Not too chilly for a couple of “Sharks” apparently !

That’s what we call those kooky surfers in wet suits !


It was a nice time.

Really good for bringing me to where I need to be inside.

I am so grateful to live so close to this special place that brings me such peace.

And to my sweet Man for hanging there with me.

I have a feeling that I may just need to keep revisiting that place in my mind as we head into this busy time of year!

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

I hope you find some places of Peace to hang out in too !


Snap said...

A very special place indeed ... even with sharks!!! :D :D

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

So glad you got a re-charge at the beach. It must have been spectacular yesterday with the weather. And as quickly it shifts, right? Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet, sweet family. xox Corrine

Linda E said...

you two look so wonderful together! the love is shining!

Olivia said...

I agree that you both look so great together. Whatever else is going on in either of your lives, it must be so comforting and wonderful to have someone to travel on your journey with, someone that will be there with you through it all. The water and the scene is so gray and desolate yet so beautiful and lit up with both of your love that is the theme for us---BIG LOVE! Blessings to you both, xoO

Dianne said...

Glad Miss Pumpkin is settling in and I love you haiku from Friday. What a beautiful beach... I love the beach on chilly days when it's almost deserted... so peaceful..

Kate said...

I love it when you do posts at the beach at any time of the year. Its fun seeing all those rocks and seeing what beauty you will make of them.

Love ya,


beth said...

i think i would have to visit that beach until the heavy breath of winter pushed me away.....xoxo

elizabeth said...

You have reminded me that I need to visit my special place. I'm so glad you had time at yours. I can see the happiness on your face and in your eyes.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

A day at the beach - sounds wonderful! It was warm here too...but not today! Life is sweeter with someone to share it with, n'est-ce pas?

Julie said...

65 is even warmer than we are! You're's such a gift to have your special place...and together even. Perfect.

Marit said...

Looking at 'your' beach alone makes me feel peaceful - my soulsister hanging out on her fave spot which happens to be my fave spot too - on the other side of the water. Waving to you sweetie!

Sherry Smyth said...

We've been so blessed with mild weather and making the most of it is the way to go. While I wouldn't want to be a "shark" and be in that water, just being able to see it and smell it and be near it would be enough. You and the man are looking good!! And I love your hat!!

michelle renée bernard said...

I too live near water... 3 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. I'm not sure I could live away from the water. But I love to recharge near a small stream in Woodstock, NY. they have the best rocks there, and strangely enough... TONS of heart shaped rocks! It's my little Eden. Have a great week sweetie pie!

Chel said...

Some day you need to come and visit me- I live a block from the Gulf of Mexico and one of the 10,000 Islands of the west coast of the Everglades. We've got interesting rocks all over! I hope that you have many more mild days of winter to go rock collecting in the sunshine. *HUGE hugs*

rebecca said...

i love you my darling

Rosie said...

What a great place Kim! I miss walking the beach with Nick... we need a sand-wheelchair!! That would be awesome. Lol!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend! xoxo

Nadeja said...

I love you and the beach and the ocean and your beautiful picutres!!! Thank you precious one.