Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carving my way…

Mary from Joyful Ploys was doing it this week. Julie shared a whole bunch that people she knew had done on Balzer Design. I did a little bit of it with my friend Kim in Montreal last week.  I watched a couple of videos on You Tube this morning to inspire my own, like this one from Journal Artista, Paula. Then, I spent a couple of hours today, getting really into doing it myself.

I am talking about carving my own rubber stamps.

I love creating my own tools, ones that make my journal pages even more uniquely mine.

Most of the stamps I carve are simple, bold kind of designs. Nothing too specific. That way they can be used in a lot of different ways.

One thing I got from Paula in the above mentioned video was using both sides of a piece of carving rubber or a white eraser. Then you can make twice as many stamps with the same materials !


I carved this kind of lollipop tree shape on one side of the rubber…


And this second tree shape with random dots on it on the other. I also carved a teeny house with a chimney.


I tried out the stamps on this piece of dictionary page, using acrylic paints in a few colors and a make up sponge to apply it to the stamps.

I was kind of on a roll after that.

I also carved a tropical looking flower,



a kind of chicken foot, or leaf pattern, a crosshatched heart,


another heart with an edge around it, and some kind of weird tribal looking design with a scrap piece of the rubber.


I will probably add some more paint to these dictionary pages and use then in bits and pieces in my journal.

I will definitely use these new tools in my journal pages as well.

Maybe some will end up in some other places too, like this strange bird one that I carved at Kim’s house :



I stamped it with black Staz-on ink on a sheet of sketchbook paper and then added some more pen lines.

With some yummy Neocolor Watercolor crayons, my kooky bird turned out kind of cool.


Perhaps a Valentine for someone special ?


Off to dinner and a movie with my pal Sonia tonight. Tomorrow, haircut and lunch with Lois.

Friday, some artsy friends are coming over to my house for a special project. More on that later….

Next week, I leave to going south to FLA to meet up with some special blog friends !

Looks like February is going to be another great month for time with friends !

Happy Friendship February, Fabulous Ones !

Big Love !


Kriss said...

Ooooh, love the bird!!

beth said...

omg....i would totally be addicted to making these !
and that bird....I LOVE THAT BIRD !!!
you could make lots of valentine day cards for the whole world with that amazing design !!!

Sherry said...

these are great designs!!! If we can find the materials will you teach us how to do this please?????

smiles, Sharon said...

Your stamps are terrific...keys, cool idea! But your Love Bird takes the cake...mmmm the stamp that is. I can see that you are filling up your art journal. You work fast!

Yes, I am enjoying my Stripey Rocks......Enjoy using all of your many talents. smiles: sharon

Kate said...

Great stamps there. The bird is so cute. I love to carve my own stamps too. I haven't done any in quite some time. Hmm I wonder where I stashed those carving tools.

Have a great time in Florida. With all the traveling you do Winter should not be a problem at all.


Fallingladies said...

I have seen alot of stamps this week...yours are great! Love the love bird!

patti said...

These are great Kim! I've never attempted stampcarving myself - you have given me loads of inspiration!

Chel said...

They are beautiful- they remind of Matisse's work! And have a lovely trip to Florida. I didn't know you were headed our way! I can't wait to read your take on life down here :) <3

priti.lisa said...

This is something I have been wanting to for forever...yours turned out so cool, I'm jealous a little bit. I always never get to things:/
I took a peek down there at your last journal pages on Monday. Your art is so cheerful in color, hopeful in spirit. Your Beautiful! ♥♥♥

Cinner said...

Kim I think these are all fabulous. I love the love bird card. you should sell those for sure. Have a fabulous time in Florida, I think I know one of the bloggers you are going to meet up with.Have a fabulous time. Thank you for always being such an inspiration for us. hugs dear friend.

SueAnn said...

Your stamps are fun!
And the bird...he is TDF!!!

Marit said...

Teehee... I carve my stamps on both sides too, mostly. I love your little shapes, the trees are awesome and your birdman, wowzah! I especially like that he seems 'not finished' and you add the rest with colours and markers... what a great idea! My erasers are not that big either.. why haven't I thought of this before? Thanks for the tip dear!

Irene said...

Love your bird, love your stamps. Looks like fun

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

love your stamps, especially that sweet little love bird card. you have like the most fun life. I'm always reading what fun it is! you are blessed :)
xx Jaime

Olivia said...

These look incredibly fun, My Queen! What interesting things you find to create....I would like to try this! xoO