Thursday, February 23, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Finding that momentary sunbeam


From Today’s Joy List :

1. The perfect rock for me today found in the bottom of my purse when I reached in for my phone.

2. New art journal supplies, ready for play !

3. Today’s quote in my new little quote notebook : “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Thank you, Gandhi !

4. New eggplant colored El Naturalista clogs in a sunbeam that showed up for a few minutes in the studio.


Today, on Share the Joy Thursday,

I needed to create a joy list today even more than I needed to share one!

I woke up icky, pms-y, rainy day grey inside and out…

I am realizing the importance of keeping myself filled up in order to have enough energy to keep on giving where I love to give.

When I don’t, the blahs can easily move in.

Looking for simple joys, listing them, celebrating them and sharing them

really does help deal with those blahs…

They are not gone but now feel much more balanced by

the sweet joys around me.

Time to crank up some tunes and go lose myself in some art making for a bit.

Another tool I know that fills up this loving Soul of mine.

I hope you fill yourself up with joy today, Beautiful Ones !



at Meri’s Musings.


Sherry said...

Oh how I needed to read this today filled my soul with joy -- the blahs...they come don't they, even when we feel "ok"...but filling ourselves with joy -- wherever it is...that's the way to go. You lightened me today -- that and seeing those fantastic eggplant clogs once again...they make your feet look happy and that makes me smile. Thanks for lifting me up today my sweet friend ♥

Chel said...

amen, amen, amen. I am getting this message from the universe right now, too, I really am. I've been in a very anxious and grumpy place (very vulnerable and "raw", as well) and I'm trying to not combat it but sort of give it a hug and see what it needs so it can pass on. *huge hugs to you*

Leovi said...

I love your joy, precious pictures.

Deb Crecelius said...

All your joys are wonderful...
but, those clogs...
oh, my!

Olivia said...

May your Thursday be filled with joy, My Queen! I too find often that my blog helps me so much by writing about what I need to hear.

As for the quote by Gandhi--I was listening to an audiotape yesterday that said that the Japanese word for "busy" meant "heart-killing". Ah yes! Who wants to be busy. Slow is good, My Queen...

Love and slowness and joy, xoO

Mary said...

you are's too easy sometimes to just sit in those grey/blue days. choosing to see the joys around can shine a light on them.

can't wait to see what comes from you today as you create!

may joy increase as each hour passes.


Nadeja said...

Add an I love you precious one to your basket!
I love you precious one,
Mom :):):)

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
Thank you for the joy, I needed it! It's a bla time of year right now: Not winter, not spring just bla.
I especially like the pic of your shoes in the sunbeam-awesome!

Janet said...

I like all your joys today but I especially LOVE those purple clogs!!

Fallingladies said...

Hope you had fun with those craft supplies and that you did get all filled up with joy! Thanks so much for all your kind comments too!

Anonymous said...

Your joy give me joy! I love that you are on top of your energy like that. Very very important. You rock! hahah punny.

Stephanie said...

JOYous indeed!! Love LOVE your naturistas, I have a red pair...THE best shoes.


beth said...

that quote needs to be stamped on my forehead !!!....

well in my case, my five head, but somebody reading this is not going to understand this, but you do:)

and sheesh, that icky creeped all over me today, too....but i brought out my boxing gloves and made mince meat out of it :)

love ya girlfriend !

foxysue said...

I always feel a beam of sunshine when I land here, cool shoes and carpet!

Sue x

SueAnn said...

Staying filled up with joyful positive thoughts is so crucial during this time of year.

Marit said...

I hope today your are feeling a lot happier... I had such a joyful day yesterday that I almost feel guilty reeding you woke up icky... hope a perfect weekend awaits you!

Kate said...

I love the uplifting tone of this post. Love those shoes too. They look comfy and the color is so me. Feeling down in my world so loved seeing this post.


Meri said...

Just home after a two-day legal workshop. So happy to read you!

martha brown said...

These shoes are beautiful. But I'm not buying anything in 2012. I was doing fine until I saw your shoes. oh bother :)

deb did it said...

shit. because of you and Stephanie, I will push the BUY button for my new shoes!!!

I love you Kim and your ginormous heart!