Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don’t forget your Cape !!!

While I love the arriving part when you see dear hearts who you haven’t seen in a long time,

I really don’t like the actual travel part of traveling.

The organizing so that you have what you need on the plane in the container with the right amount of ounces,

the security at the airport where you feel like you have done something wrong though you haven’t,

what to wear on your feet that will work from NH winter through airport security and onto FLA temps,

the take off and landings that make me nauseous (don’t forget the Dramamine!),

the claustrophobic feeling of being in an enclosed space where I can’t get out when I want to…

Okay, I am basically a whiney, neurotic mess when it comes to the traveling part!

I am really excited to be leaving for Florida tomorrow.

And I can’t wait to get there!

But I think my neurosis came through a little in my art today…


One Sketch a Day – Day 2


Art Journal Page…


Phew ! Now that I got all of that out on the pages,


hopefully I can take my Artist Self’s advice,


and concentrate on what is oh so good about this situation !


I am sure it will all be fine…

(image from http://www.getcapewearcapefly.com/)

I just remembered my cape !

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !


Kathy said...

Enjoy and take pictures. xo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Beautiful journal pages! I also love the get cape, wear cape, fly!

Safe travels dear one!


Marit said...

In my mind I can see my soulsister take off in her cape... and I'm just the same when it comes to traveling. I even spend vacations at home (I kinda 'hate' going on vacation and luckely I have a beloved who feels the same!) but when the endpoint/goal is something good, I can fly too... (remember me of that fact when I ever come visit you!)

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

oh i loooove Florida specially in February, it should be lovely weather, enjoy enjoy enjoy!
very lovely art journal page!

SueAnn said...

Yes! Don't forget your cape!! You will do great and just think...FLORIDA in the winter...woot!!

Kate said...

I love the cape crusader, I am glad that you put your anxiety on the page. Try looking at all this time at airport and on the plane as an opportunity to meet new people, share a little of yourself. Do you bring a journal to work on the flight, that would be a great conversation starter. Or give out a rock or two to the passengers near you. I can see you doing this right now.
Have a fabulous trip.


beth said...

your cape will keep you safe and warm and then i'll be here to catch you :)

Kathy said...

Wonderful pages.. now just go and enjoy!! Warmth and sunshine in Feb.. can't be beat!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Scoop up some warmth and bring it back for me! Have a wonderful time. xox Corrine

elizabeth said...

Why do we not have flying capes already? We have planes, capes seem like the logical next thing.

Wishing you an ease-full getting there. Enjoy squishing your toes in the water and sand!

Katie said...

These are sooo wonderful and bright!! Love 'em!

artbrat said...

I hope your traveling goes smoothly. Enjoy your time in the warm sun. Soak up lots of inspiration while you're away. And thank you for sharing the little cape cartoon. I love it.

LoriV said...

Safe travels!

Sherry said...

I love that you are wearing your cape tomorrow...and that Beth will be there to catch you when you land!!! ♥ See you soon lovely one!! xoxo

Fallingladies said...

So glad you remembered your cape! Good luck and have fun. Wonderful journal page, the photo transfer worked perfectly for that page!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments to my "friends" it means so much to them! (and me).

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Fly, girlie, fly!!!