Monday, February 6, 2012

Round here…

Listening to old tunes…


Welcoming the day.

(sticky note pad found at Michaels Craft store for $1.00)


Black kitty in the studio, ready for anything on a Monday morning.


Toes painted and toe ring on for FLA in two days.

One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal

Saw this at Barnes & Noble yesterday for $14.95


Decided to make my own out of a Strathmore 5.5X8" Visual Journal (Watercolor) hanging around the studio.


Today’s sketch – India Ink and dip pen – “Seek”.


Today’s art journal page “Love is a Super Power”

– inspired by a heart-felt Lovefest I experienced this weekend.


(Acrylic paint background with ink blobs, hand carved stamp houses, trees and flower on dictionary pages, photo of Kim at 6, India ink & dip pen with large nib details, white gel pen)


That’s Monday morning, February 6th, 2012…

‘Round here….


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Kathy said...

I love your journal pages, and your kitty and we also share the love of purple painted toes... Safe trip to Florida...I know you are gonna have fun. I might sneak myself in Sherry and Al's car...and not get out till they hit Florida. heeee...
I am so excited to met her, you have no idea...xo.

jgr said...

Great pages, Kim! I especially like the last one with with white drawing over text, very intriguing. And . . . of course I love the kitty portrait. Happy Monday to you and safe travels.

beth said...

my toes look so pale compared to yours.....but with all the walking i've been doing in the sand, they're happy toes :)

i can't wait to see you.....and am praying this amazing weather stays so that your toes can be happy, sandy toes, too !!!

Lynn said...

Love all the art here today...happy travels.

Cinner said...

Love your art, your toes, so excited for you going to Florida, glad you are meeting up with Beth, both of you are ladies I would love to meet one day. can't wait to hear your stories when you get back. hugs

LuLu Kellogg said...

I always love seeing your art!! It makes me happy :)

Happy Tuesday!


Olivia said...

May the Queen be renewed, refreshed, and her Vitamin D stores refilled with sunlight, warm fresh air, and warm sea water! I really like your journal page of the Princess in her little castle. Gosh, I also really like the date stamp, too. Traveling mercies, xoO