Friday, February 24, 2012

Haiku My Heart–What Fills You ?


(Art journal page for February 23, 2012)


Friendship, beauty, art,

soft touches, cat purrs, deep breaths,

and LOVE fill me up.




I hope your weekend fills you up, Beautiful Ones.

Big love !


Go and find some more haiku love and friendship at recuerda mi corazon.


Sherry said...

First thing I need to do is fill myself up with energy...and then I'll be able to add all the rest. But you fill me up with love...and that has started the energy flow!!! Have a beautiful weekend!!! xoxo

Janet said...

You just filled me with inspiration so for that I thank you.

Have a happy weekend!!

priti.lisa said...

And a big bowl of pasta :)
Your journal pages should be published, Kim. What a beautiful, inspiring book that would make.

Purpletreebird said...

I agree, your journal is a treasure of joy. Have a lovely weekend Kim!
Jess xx

beth said...

what a great page....of what fills you up :)

filling me up today....lots of computer time, rain outside my window, the smell of my hubby's coffee, sophie snoring and pandora.....xoxooxo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I am full today. New awakenings, new attitudes and a whole lot of gummi bears. Love the eggplant shoes. One of these days I am going to buy me a pair of those clogs! (and probably ask if I can have them shipped to you!!!)

Kate said...

I love how you took the rocks message and made a journal page about it. Fabulous!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

dynamic creations and haiku seems to 'sing' ~ love them ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

Lea said...

Just being here fills me up! I love the haiku and your journal pages, they are luscious! My dogs, friends, making art, making & walking labyrinths, drinking in the beauty of my home and surroundings... these are just a few of the things that fill me up! Thank you!

Julie said...

Feeling run down and empty....but on the up curve and reading words like this lift up too. Happy weekend!

gma said...

Filled to overflowing

NoelleRenee said...

Thank you for the tank full of good, golden loving energy my dear Kim!
Have a weekend filled with love and joy!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Yes, my weekend is filling up, but now is a time for visiting others and leaving comments. I hope our visits fill you up.

Lenora said...

might i add, daily..

foxysue said...

This is such a brimming full kind of filling you up post - it sets my day right, you are a tonic!

Sue x

Marit said...

...your words, your art, your blog, YOU fills me up! Enjoy your weekend dear soulsis! (P.S. Hope you have a PERFECT day!)

rebecca said...

i never imagined when i posted the little cups of tea that my life would become such a whirlwind..that i am only now returning to drink you all in!!!
you always fill me with such love and perfect light.
thank you

deb did it said...

Kim...this is such a cool page!
I love seeing the inside magic pages of your journal!
I am full this week with family times together, yummie delights from the sea and walking barefoot with sandy toes and salty nose!