Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Check out these cool tools !


This amazing lady is Mary Beth Shaw. I got to know her in person at Art is You.

Love her !

Mary Beth has an awesome company called “Stencil Girl Products”, as show here by my friend, Linda Vanna White Esterly at Art is You,


Stencil Girls produces these really great stencils with designs from a bunch of great artists.

These stencils are out of the ordinary, very graphic and made of really durable plastic. They are wonderful for all kinds of different applications, like paint, spray inks  or texturing mediums like “wood icing”(another great product MB sells !).

Check out the cool tools at Stencil Girls here.

You rock, Mary Beth Shaw !!


Sherry said...

I'm loving the vanna vannabe!!! hee!!! Must check out the cool tools...and you look so regal in that photograph with Mary Beth Shaw! ;)

Anonymous said...

Tiara's and tutu's and Mary Beth. Her class was amazing, it's true. xox

SueAnn Lommler said...

Lovin' stencils!! I will go check it out