Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Own Shades of Grey…

This week’s joy list was a little harder to focus on than usual.


You see, other than for about 3 or three hours of sunshine, it has been grey, grey, grey

for about 8 days straight here.


That has taken its toll on me, it would seem.

Perhaps it is because it is coming at the same time as the darkening, the shorter day light hours, the autumn season…

All I know is that I seem to be feeling pretty grey right along with the weather.


Oh, I know!


You are about to launch into advice, remedies that you know work, say something you think will cheer me up…


Please don’t bother.


(Though your commiseration and love is, of course, always welcome and appreciated !)


You see, I am kind of okay being grey right now.


This moody, brooding, grey me


is in fact kind of full of creative juices of a different kind that I am kind of into exploring.


Plus, I know it won’t last forever.

My Joy and Love for Life are too vibrant to stay grey for tool long !

From this week’s Joy List :

- little pamphlet stitch bound, painted paper books in little dyed woolen pockets, the perfect place to hide moody messages, and the rocks and rusty bits that go along with them.

- naps in grey afternoons, curled up with a dog and cat

- organizing art supplies to go to Art is You (Me and my moody self leave tomorrow am !)

- Quick Lube oil change guys who vacuum your car when they change the oil

- giving some special Rock Fairy love to a woman who I saw sitting in the car parked next to me at the grocery store. Turns out she had just left the hospital after major foot surgery and was waiting for her boyfriend to bring her her pain meds from the pharmacy inside. She loved the “be” and the “ok” rocks, and I loved connecting with her heart and giving her a bit of comfort.

-friends who get it, don’t try to fix it, or me, and just love me through it.


I hope your Thursday is full of joy, Beautiful Ones, where it is grey or not !!


For more Joy (and probably less grey joy) visit Meri at Meri’s Musings


Meri said...

I came to visit before I saw you were linked up with Share the Joy. And my oh my, can I identify with you or what? When it's a sunny day, I have tons of energy and just go-go-go. But when there's a string of sunny days, I hunker down and go inward. I also need more sleep (do I have bear genes?). It's just something I notice and work with.

rebecca said...

i love you in all colours!

Sherry said...

Fix it? Fix you? Why? You're not broken are you?? You don't NEED any just need to be loved and hugged and encouraged to share you rock love (I love it when you do that!) and to embrace all of who you are on any day of the week. The greys don't always have to be negative...they have their own type of productivity and I'm glad you are finding it. Here is to being any shade of grey you want until the colour returns!! Love you much!!! xoxox

eb said...

as well
and blooming
the rust

turning circles
circles turning
the wheels

the gray
is ever so quiet
into a suitcase
of secrets
tiny boxes of magic

a treasure box
sea glass
a scrap of velvet
a lock of hair

the gift
that I am giving myself,

xox - eb.

Barbara said...

The grey moments, well, I guess we just have to embrace all the moments.
Rock on my friend!
Enjoy your trip.
~brightest of blessings~

bacon said...

Love, love, love, and more love to you, beautiful friend!

Lisa DiNunzio said...

I love the little treasures you have made, Kim...the smooth pebbles tied up like a present, so priti♥♥♥

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That is some sweet joy to share, my friend. I will say, me too, many things contributing to my grey. But like you, I will not stay down for too long but I may be getting blisters from holding the rudder steady.

Janet said...

Looks like those grey days are inspiring you to create some beautiful art. I don't mind a few grey days now and then just to keep things interesting.

patti said...

It's true we need to embrace all our colours, all our moods, they make us whole xx

Nadeja said...

You are my sunshine!!! I love you,

Fallingladies said...

I am always telling my husband, let me be miserable, you don't have to fix my problems for me! Enjoy your little bit of down time in gray!

Dianne said...

I love grey days... Hugs to grey you...

Olivia said...

You can probably imagine how we feel here in the Pacific Northwest after 6 months of rain and dreariness and snow! It can be very challenging to stay in the moment. Wishing you beautiful sweet tender gray times, My Queen, xoO

jgr said...

Hi Kim, What a great post-I love that small book in the felt pouch, SO cool! Have a wonderful trip and hopefully . . . good sunny traveling weather.

Laura said...

Just want to send you a {{{hug}}}

somepinkflowers said...

just to say

how fortunate for you--->
with the opportunity to share rock~fairy words
with another
at The Best Time

how fortunate for her--->
you R you!

laurie said...

i love the image of napping on a grey afternoon with a dog beside you - what a great way to nestle down into the fall season.

wallpapers said...

beautiful collection of pictures