Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, inside and out.

It’s a good morning…




and out !


Look what came from inside…


out last night.


I created this.

Tracy Verdugo inspired the style and gave me the stepping stones

but I think it is all me.


I am loving intuitive painting very much right now.

And on Tuesday, I will have my friend Lois here at my house,

and we will let the intuitive creators inside of us out to play!

Enjoy the ins and outs of this sweet Sunday, Beautiful Ones.

Big Love !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Colours Galore! That's what I'm going to call yo from now on, Kimmypoo, just for fun! Sweet! Lovely! Beautiful! Just like you!

Unknown said...

Beautiful canvas - beautiful you!!

Cindy said...

Kim beautiful, I was not able to view all the photos....but that one of the leaves is awesome. the second last one I could view too. very nice. have a great day.

Sherry said...

It's kind of like you -- what's inside and what's outside and bringing all the pieces together. First of all I can't get over all the leaves on the ground...that's a lot!! Tell me this isn't the tree your neighbour hacked at??

But mostly - I love this art. It maybe be Tracy Verdugo inspired but it's all you. This is your intuitiveness coming to the forefront.

I think of all the work (more like play!) you've done with Elizabeth Bunsen and now this -- and your rocks and the bundles and everything is coming together to create this beautiful art.

My gosh...I love the path you are walking these days! xoxox

Sherry said...

lol -- it maybe be ... i speak good english on a sunday morning don't i? HEE

beth said...

happy "you are a filled up creative soul" day to you....xo

jgr said...

Beautiful tree! Our 'Fall color' is not in full swing yet. Also: I love your intuitive work--I can't wait to see what's next!

Snap said...


deb did it said...

oh that red and yellow tree love!
So amazing!
All I see here is green complaints, as I observe the bright yellow Florida sunshine everyday!

you are a colorlicious Queen of Arts!

Unknown said...

beautiful, so very beautiful!!

Stephanie said...

wowza is right! Love LOVE this painting!!

here's to a warm and colorful autumn week


Sacred Ordinary Moments said...

Wow Kim that is sooooo beautiful!! LOVE IT! It really was a lovely Sunday and I do believe we have a lovely week ahead, weatherwise. So grateful for that. Wishing you lots of fun on your intuitive creating play date Tuesday!! XO

Sueann said...

What a beautiful and sensitive piece.
Good for you
Enjoy your day

Elena said...

Oh all this visual candy made my eyes smile! LOVE!

Kate Robertson said...

Fabulous piece, now you know why I loved BIG so much. I thin intuitive painting is hard for some people but it really is where its all at. Your piece just glows....Love it!