Friday, October 26, 2012

Haiku My Heart–For Real ?







Is that reflection

or real life before my eyes ?

Some days, I wonder.



I was in a bad mood yesterday. Teary, angry, sad, irritable.

I didn’t have concrete reasons for being so in my own life

but there was a multitude of crazy, sad, scary, unjust, annoying crap

happening to some people in my close circles,

not to mention the bigger world I live in.

(Frankenstorm ? Really ?

Stormaggeddon didn’t finish us off but maybe Frankestorm will ?)

So I struggled all day with shaking off those ick feelings, that crabby mood.

A trip to the beach for rocks and some gull and sand piper play was a beautiful distraction for awhile.

But mostly, I was unsuccessful at keeping the big grey cloud at bay.

Some days, no matter how much goodness and Love you see around you,

the crap just gets to you, you know?

But I am glad to report that after having given into it yesterday, I am feeling a lot better this morning.

Stronger, surer of my purpose on this planet, ready to chase grey clouds away with more  Love force.


I think the ick was just a reflection of what was happening around me.

I am ready to get back to real life now.

Sending big Love your way, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday!


Rebecca from recuerda mi corazon is off to Mexico for a Day of the Dead gathering.

I don’t know if there will be Haiku My Heart postings in her absence but I will keep the Haiku fires burning here while she is away. Winking smile


Sherry said...

I truly believe that unless you like in a monastary or a convent or some idyllic island secluded from the world, the ick and the grey and the crap are going to affect us. How can they not? We absorb so much and even the most positive person in the world has those kind of days ... yes, even the Dalai Lama I'm sure has days where he thinks he'd rather just stay in bed! We're not made of teflon! xo

I'm glad that you had some refreshing time to play at the beach and while it didn't remove your "deeps" completely, you know enough to let it ride itself out and then pick up and start a new day with a fresh approach.

As for these photos? I thought they were paintings...they are gorgeous!!!

Sherry said...

PS -- I really should proofread before I've had my morning coffee!! hee!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I know what you mean. As for Frankenstorm - let's just wait and see. I hate to give in to the sensationalists stirring up crap to waste my time with worry.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Sometimes all the junk tries to attach itself to you,
Glad you threw it off

nacherluver said...

I had one of those days Tuesday. BIG TIME! I truly, truly did, so I feel your pain. Hugs. Glad you're feeling better. That first picture? I thought it was (possibly) oil on canvas!!! That's so cool! Thanks for sharing. Very thought filled post.

Mary said...

You know the ick is part of real the ebb and flow of the ocean...knowing it changes and the ick will no always be ick keeps me moving...

Glad you are on the up side!


Anonymous said...

There will always be grey days it is good to acknowledge them but remember not to sink into them. Just like the waves go in and out so does life so does our very own breath. Be kind to yourself Kim and know that I am thinking of you and as always you are welcomed today to watch Terry and me sink into the madness of making bullet rings. love u...

Anonymous said...


beth said...

i know that ick....that grey cloud and how hard it can be to shake off....

you're so lucky you have the water and a beach to help with those feelings when they creep in....

and I'm so happy today is a better day !!

love you sweet thing !

jgr said...

Wonderful photos!! I'm glad you're feeling better today and hope it continues for the whole weekend!

Nadeja said...

You are surrounded by love... Glad you are feeling better today. Really glad you had the ocean yesterday!!! Those little "quiet moment boxes" will carry the peace of the ocean! Thanks for who you are Kimmy. I love you, Mom xoxoxox

eb said...

those clouds
do come
and go
glorious haiku
and pictures too
love that shadow lady
that's for sure...

xox - eb.

Amanda Fall said...

This is brave & beautiful. So glad you found your way back to Love. I've been trying to get in touch with you but can't find your email address. I left you a message on FB but it might be blocked since we aren't "friends." I'm writing because I would love to feature you in my online magazine, Sprout. Would you please shoot me a quick email and I will give you the details? Here's my address: PersistentGreen(at)gmail(dot)com -- thank you!

NatashaMay said...

I wonder, too. Awesome photos! :)

Corrine at said...

Sometimes the giving in to all the crap just cuts it loose faster and let's you get back to the business of being your wonderful self. xox

Terri said...

Hello Kim,
Your heartfelt post is a blessing to everyone of us who finds ourselves in the same spot some days. Thank you for sharing so honestly, and reminding us that it will be o.k. No matter what is going on around us, all is well.
Your photo images and haiku poem are beautiful!

bacon said...

May the crummy days stay at bay for you. Hard days suck. But guess what doesn't suck...You! Keep on keepin' on - you do so much good for this world.

Mary Walker Designs said...

I hope everyone weathers the storm.