Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Joy of Many Colors

From my Joy List this week…
Maple orange in my back yard.
My last orange rose and some yellow orange friends (which may or may not be from my neighbor’s garden), saved from the hard frost and placed in my favorite turquoise vase.
This kooky but cute doll who is a new little happy in my studio.
She is a creation of artist Linda Willis, who taught and sold her colorful, whimsical and perfectly off the wall art at Art is You. I had to have this Mini-Zombie doll. She called to me. My mom had given me $$ to get myself a treat at the Art Trunk show for my birthday,
and this little one, now named Little Heart Walking,
and her beautiful treasure keeper bag were my little happies of choice !!!
Thanks, Linda, and thanks so much, Mommy !
There is some other colorful joy in the studio this week.
I created this painting on a 9 X12 piece of watercolor paper using the techniques I learned in Tracy Verdugo’s “Sacred Marks” class.
It is kind of crazy and frenetic in some ways, but then again, so is my brain some days ! Winking smile
There are many sweet spots that grab me though…
Like this “Cat Creature”.
Or this “Bird Nose Beast”.
It even has little landscapes in it, I think…
“trees against a red sky”
“throw a rock in the pond”
I really like this piece and I love this style of intuitive painting, using symbols that mean something to me, that are my artistic language of sorts, and building layers upon layers by defining sweet spots.
I am excited to do more work in this style! I think my creative soul has some things to express this way !
I have a few have-to’s to work on as well. Momma’s gotta keep her art supply fund liquid !
But these have-to’s are colorful joys too.
I am making these “Moment of Quiet” boxes as holiday gifts for my mom’s office employees from the big boss’s wife.
Open the tiny decorated box and…
have a moment of quiet breath…
Sweet gifties, no ? Winking smile
I hope your week is full of colorful little happies and strong, solid joys, Beautiful Ones.
Love and light to you !
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Janet said...

So much joy in this post! I love-love-love your painting. The colors are so vibrant and they just pull me right in to discover all the hidden bits.

And the little treasure boxes are so cute. The recipients will love them.

Meri said...

That bag is a perfect expression of the Queen of Arts. Kim, I love this post -- it's so energetic and jazzy and joyful. . . an outpost of hope.

Lisa DiNunzio said...

LOL at where those yellow flowers may or may not have come from! :D
Those little quiet moment boxes are the perfect have a ton of brilliance inside you!
Love to you Queen Kim♥

Olivia said...

I am joining the team of those people who love this post and your new intuitive style, My Queen! It is fun and deep and I love it so much! Peace and love, xoO

Corrine at said...

Nice to see the work you did with Tracy. So your style and your voice is crystal clear. I am looking forward to more. xox

Sherry said...

It was SO good to talk with you this just lifted my heart and my mood...but you have that gift xo

I love the art you made while at Art is You, that you found new ways to express yourself and delve into colour and texture and meaning.

And I love Little Heart Walking in her cute Queen bag!! Meant totally for you!!!

Happy Thursday -- I've found the joy! xo

jgr said...

Awesome painting, it's like many paintings in one: such delicious color, texture and detail. Congrats on your new purchase, too!

Snap said...

Little Heart Walking has really found a home with the QUEEN! YeeHaw! The little boxes are wonderful and your painting is grand. I noticed the kitty immediately. Intuition --- a wonderful thing!

joanne said...

I agree with the other commentors ..... and I espec. love the energy and colors..

Anonymous said...

agree, i feel the joy. and your boxes...what a treasure. teeny boxes of joy for others. beautiful

Fallingladies said...

I love everything here, lots of little happies, little heart walking is such a treaure and that sacred marks piece is just so interesting!, i need to go back and look at it all again!

beth said...

everything you touch is a sweet gift !!

your work continues to grow and amaze me.....
bear hugs from me to amazing you !!