Friday, March 15, 2013

Haiku My Heart–I Choose.

Messages bombard.

Stop that, eat, think, do, be this.



I choose. Be me now.




Trying to remember that I have the all the answers I need,

right here in my heart.

Just as my beautiful friend Rebecca reminded me this morning :


"Your work is to discover your world

and then with all your heart

give yourself to it."



I’m working on it !

Wishing you a happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !


For more haiku and lots of heart, visit recuerda mi corazon.


Sherry said...

Love are so playful with the selfies...and yes,just listen to you, be you...all outer messages fizzle and evaporate. Love you, BEing you!!! Have a lovely weekend beautiful one! xoxox

jgr said...

Wonderful pics, you are VERY photogenic, dear Queen! Have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

Beautiful... so true.. have a loverly day...

Priti.Lisa said...

You are so good at being you,
I don't know how anyone else could pull it off :)

Jess said...

Your words Kim, resonate as ever! Have a lovely weekend.xx

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

There are plenty of questions in this world. As long as we know that the answers are in our hearts, we'll be just fine!

rebecca said...

you are a perpetual invitation,
awakening the best in everyone.
shine on dear one!

Karen said...

Now is all we are promised, so there is a never a better time to be ourselves.

Marit said...

Your haiku hit me hard today - as I am listening too much to 'the others' these days. I will try to remember dear, and be ME - you just gave me a licence! I will think of you often this weekend and try to remember... be ME! And YOU be YOU dear, and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

what they said
all your loving peeps
you are
a delightful invitation
the best hug
and very wise
keeping you close...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful haiku and post ~ Be you now! Enjoy ^_^

Stephanie said...

indeed...BE YOU


no Haiku for me today but I am BEing ME...come over and see :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely words! Indeed, who else can you be? How wonderful to discover this truth! Have a wonderful weekend!

foxysue said...

Yes and do you know what I thought when I read Rebecca's Buddha quote? I thought about what you said that your work was to show and spread love! Mine too! x

gma said...

YES! You be you
I'll be me

Dawn Elliott said...

Gentle reminders do such wonders!
Have a great weekend, with that in mind!

Anonymous said...

It's simple, but we forget sometimes, that we ARE the key. No need to look else where. You are such a sweet heart, great haiku and photo series :-)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wishing you a peaceful and creative weekend.

Hazel Ceej said...

Be me :) now - how pretty and charming! A beautiful weekend to you Kim.

nacherluver said...

Perfect choice!

Spadoman said...

I know of none better at inspiring and coaching us all towards peaceful existence, reminding me that it is all here within reach. Do not be afraid to look into your heart. You are a wonderful soul, and so damn cute when you're sleeping, just like a child.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Why is it so hard just to be?

Swallows Haiku

Laura said...

so very true, the essence of what we need to know is already within us... we just need to remember this, open our hearts and listen:-)

Norma Ruttan said...

you give me hope, to just be me!
I have to order some of your painted rocks soon! I do have one from when I went to hear Patti and listen to her. Such a treat, that was, with my journaling friends!

Annie said...

Charming photos, Kim. Sometimes the harder part of knowing is the doing.

Cinner said...

Kim, always a pleasure visiting. your words are filled with wisdom. sending a big hug your way. you look beautiful as always. c

somepinkflowers said...

perfection, missy !!

{{ BTW,
you are so lovely }}