Thursday, March 7, 2013

Share the Joy–New ways of BEing

In spite of the 6 inches of snow we are expecting today,

I can feel the seeds of some new stuff

germinating inside me.


(Germinate – created in 2011, 6X6” canvas, acrylic and collage)



Like the little green shoots of the first crocus poking through the white stuff,


new, better ways of BEing are beginning.


And there is a lot of sweet heart joy in that.



The delightful tiny clay bowls

pictured above are from the quirky and awesome Etsy shop,  Hobbitware.

My new soft, inexpensive and wonderfully green, long sleeved cotton tee is from Old Navy.

Wishing you lots of sweet heart joy today, Beautiful Ones !



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deb did it said...

YOU my friend, are a sweet breath of Fresh Spring Air...LOVE ya to bits!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty green sprout you are

Pride In Photos said...

Your art is so delightful!

Meri said...

Oh wowsa -- I love the green of your tee and it looks divine on you. "Germinate" is delightful (but then, so are you). Come visit and we'll go tiptoeing through the tulips.

Anonymous said...

you are a breath of fresh air, miss kim...beautiful post

Sherry said...

Just looking at that green tee makes me feel happy -- and I can see the happy and the joy in your eyes. I love that you are finding new ways of BEing and letting them germinate, sprout and bloom! xoxox

Kim Andersen said...

Loving all your color Kim - and your cute face too - but 6 more inches? Yikes! Personally I'm really excited about the time change and it won't be dark at dinner time anymore .... It's the little things :)

Janet said...

Love the new art...and you look so fresh and Spring-y in that green tee shirt. I hope you see some Spring weather soon.

Jess said...

I love that top on you, lovely colour! Your art's looking like there's new beginnings!xx

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
Oh I love that bright color and the border is cool, too! Happy Thursday to you.

Terri said...

Lovely art and lovely heart!
I can feel your enthusiasm!
Your vignette is very special and sweet.

rachel awes said...

your germinating art is gorgeous
on your canvas + on you

Corrine at said...

Happy snow day, that green just cheered me right up. I always loved your page from the journal.....germinate and grow. xox

Snap said...

really like the rock lady germinating!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I have to say, "WHAT??????" - 6 inches of snow. Holy Mercy, girlfriend that would knock my socks off. Hold tight, we can see the snow receding from the trees and the structures. Yesterday I found a huge vacated wasp nest (at least I hope it was vacated as I brought it in the house!) on the ground under a tree. Sending love and sunshine!

Marit said...

The canvas is so uplifting joyful and so YOU! I wish you sunshine and warmer days Kim... my garden is purple with crocussus right now (but next week will be cold and maybe even snow again... blah) YOu look great in the green tee!

somepinkflowers said...

{{ wellllll ...
just look
sweet pixie face
~~blooming ~~

yippee for That !! }}

Kate said...

Love your art today as always but the idea of germinating resonates with me. May we all be germinating some wonderful stuff this winter that leads to amazing things come Spring.