Sunday, March 3, 2013

17 Years Gone By...

Seventeen years ago today,
my Dad's spirit left the world.
I feel him strongly today.
I wish I could have one big, cozy, warm Daddy hug in his big, strong arms. The best hugs I have ever had in my life.
Fly high and free, beautiful Man Spirit.
I love you, Daddy.


Snap said...


Sherry said...

17 years might as well be 17 minutes because we never forget and the spirit of the one we love is always with us. Sending you big cyber hugs and much, much love. xoxoxoxox (((((((((((((((((((((((Kim)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Chel said...

*huge giant hugs*

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

How can it be another year already? I remember your last year post like it was just a month ago. Shite! I am sure he is with you much more often than on March 3rds. The veil may be thinner today so go deep, my friend and get those hugs.

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
I know you miss him everyday. I'm adding another big hug to your collection.

nacherluver said...

Your dad looks like a strong, handsome, happy and gentle guy. I often wonder what it would have been like to have a dad. I'm glad yours was wonderful. Happy Birthday to him as I know he lives on in spirit

Anonymous said...

dear one,
I am going through boxes
and boxes
things I sent back
from my splendid time in O
sweaters, blouses, tablecloths,
special things
cared for with great love
and attentiveness...

the aroma
of Mommy
has me swooning
rose and lavender
yearning so
for just one
of those sweet hugs
not quite 4 months
but as poignant as ever...

thinking of you
hugging you from here
seeing you
in those deep Daddy eyes
of your special Man Spirit...

ever so grateful...

Elena said...

I remember this pic of your Dad and always love looking at it. So much kindness and strength emanating from it. Beautiful soul. Comforting hugs sweet Queen...I'm sure your Dad is never far from you.

Corrine at said...

Sorry I missed this, just got back from Philly. I can so relate to your feelings about your Dad and I know how close you were to him...xox

Kim Andersen said...

Your Dad looks like a kind and gentle soul .... I'm sorry for your loss and the lasting sorrow of it .... There is great comfort in these kind words and thoughts and comments from your friends .... And I know it's only a drop in the bucket of all the love going your way

Lynn Cohen said...

Ah! Okay. yes. Hugs.