Thursday, March 21, 2013

Share the Joy–Showing the way…

From this week’s Joy List :

I learned a new word recently.

The word is


I learned the word from my friend Kriss,

who has gathered some wayshower friends together

to inspire us to live a more heart-centered life.

Her project is called The Visionary Heart.


Kriss called me a wayshower.

I sat with that for awhile and the word just really fit for me.

We are all in different places on this journey of being whole, happy, really alive.

I have discovered something that really feels true for me.

And that is that “Love is the answer to every question.”

Having found how this truth makes my own life richer, real-er, and really worth living,

I have also discovered how much I want to share this truth for others on the path that need it.


And my strongest voice is in my art, my writing here, and my own attempts to live a life where love is the focus, and sharing what that is like.

So yes, I think I am a wayshower.

And in accepting that, I have also become aware of how many other shiny-hearted people in my world are wayshowers for me !

This deeper level connection, knowing and providing for one another at the heart level, is a great source for joy in my life.

Let’s lovingly show each other the way !




Kriss Bouchard is a beautiful friend who I met here in NH, but who now lives in California. She contacted me recently to do an interview for The Visionary Heart website about art, healing and heart-centered living. The interview can be found here . Thanks for making me feel so shiny, Lovely One !



For more joy sharing hosted by another wayshower I know and love, visit Meri at Meri’s Musings.


Olivia said...

I agree that you are a Wayshower, My Queen. What an apt single word to describe the breadth of activities you pursue! xoO

beth said...

you are a wayshower and then some my sweet adorable kim....

i'll get back here this afternoon and read your interview....xoxoxo

Priti.Lisa said...

What a fabulous interview Kim! I really connected with the 'big-heart-walking...just this past week, I realized that being giving and generous is who I am, but there are times when I don't feel appreciated or that my good-will was not passed on...some people just take, take, take. And if I continue giving to them, I start to feel badly about it.
So, I will continue to give and share because it brings me joy...but when it doesn't feel good to me and my spirit, I won't. And I will not feel bad about saying no.
Since I decided this,
my whole heart opened wider Kim! I have good art coming out and more just waiting.
Taking care of your own spirit is the best thing you can do for anyone...for the whole world. It really is the reason for living.
I think I got mixed up and thought your blog was my blog, LOL. I think I will write this post on my blog...Love you! ♥♥♥

Stephanie said...

A Wayshower...the sound feels good rolling off the tongue! I am exploring the artist way with a group of women, so wonderful to feel the expansion that comes from not only sharing the insights but just BEing with these women.

off now to read your interview!!


Snap said...

Showering us with love along your way... ox

Donna said...

You have inspired me today. I have been feeling uncreative and kind of down about getting older especially after I found my x-husband stalking me on Facebook and leaving me a horrible comment about how old and ugly I had become. I know I am not but it hurt anyway. So today on Facebook was a link to your interview posted by our friend Priti Lisa and then I came to your blog something I used to do a lot and well, I found my inspiration And then I saw that photo of you on a post in Feb. with your tongue sticking out I took a similar picture of myself a few months ago and I need to be that photo again. Just stick my tongue out at all the naysayers and live my life with love and art. Aren't they the same thing anyway? Thank you!!!!

Kate said...

You definitely are a wayshower. You shine your light to see even on the days where it is a little dimmer than usual. Great post, its always lovely spending time with you.

Sherry said...

A very apt descriptive word for you my friend. You are indeed a wayshower! xoxox

Leovi said...

Wonderful way of love! I like this composition!

Laura said...

yes you are Kim!

Meri said...

What a lovely compliment. Good on Kriss for noticing your sterling qualities!

Annie said...

So of course I had to hurry to the dictionary to discover the meaning of Wayshower. The meaning is as pretty as the word itself. Now I have a new favored word to try and use. That's a pure joy.

bacon said...

You are a wayshower, my sweet friend. You have shown me the way back to light many times. Although when I first read the word I read it as "shower" like as in "April showers bring May flowers." I loved your interview. Love you.

Corrine at said...

Your heart is open and always connecting. I shall pop over to Kriss's and read your interview. Keep inspiring us all big heart. xox

Marit said...

I have to think about the word 'wayshower' - being a Dutchie isn't always easy in this English-speaking-online-world... You deserve to be highlighted and interviewed my friend! I 'scanned' the interview but will be back in the weekend when I have more time to read it properly. Keep on rockin' dear one!

Nadeja said...

What a beautiful post and a perfect interview! Wayshowers YAY!!
Care, compassion, understanding, sharing! Just a few of the words which come to me. I so love you, not only because you are the best #1 daughter in the whole world...your creative spirit, your fearlessness, your beauty, inside and out. I could go on and on and I will when we speak...:) Thank you Kim for sharing your gift with me and your world. Thank you God for blessing me and the world with this daughter (and two others). Blessings on all wayshowers everywhere!

Irene Rafael said...

how exciting that you have been a wayshower without knowing it. you have lived the life of and others are drawn to you for your inherent loving qualities. what a beautiful post.

bacon said...

On my joy list: I just found out we are both going to be doing sessions at Patti's Design Your Life Camp! Eeeeee! I get to hug you FOR REAL!