Friday, October 18, 2013

Haiku My Heart–What Are You Building ?





What are you building ?

Does it reflect your Deep Soul ?

If not, make it so.



So I have a few visitors in my Art Journal today.

One is a teacher of mine who I was lucky enough to spend two days with last fall at Art Is You in Stamford, CT.

Tracy Verdugo, who is from Australia, teaches intuitive painting and I feel her influence in this piece in at least two ways.

First off, the elephant.

Tracy has been painting gorgeous elephants in her work lately and when I saw this red blob of ink appear on the page, with its curled trunk in place, that is what came to mind immediately.

Tracy also just happened to share this link this morning on her FB page.

She was pondering this same question “What are you building?”. That question seems to have inspired this whole piece, though it was the last thing I added with alphabet stamps.

The second visitor has to do with the elephant as well.

Today, I welcomed Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles onto my page.

image from here

image from here


Ganesh’s visit makes a lot sense to me.

I am in a kind of limbo land for quite a few things in my life right now.

Focusing on the larger picture and what kind of life I want to be building, as well as staying in a place of great gratitude for what I have right now,

seems to be the work of this time.

I am up for it !

And having a bit of Ganesh’s help sure can’t hurt !



What are you building today, Beautiful Ones ?

I hope it is a happy Friday for you !



I believe our hostess, Rebecca is away this week, but be sure to visit recuerda mi corzaon for more haiku love soon.


Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Kim this is stunning and powerful and full of meaning!! I love it!!
I am building many things.....and to do that I have to make sure the foundation is sturdy and ready!

Spadoman said...

I saw your blog posted on Facebook and came over. I didn't do Haiku My Heart again today, but I know it is going on. Glad I stopped here. I love the red elephant. Just love it, and the Ganesha symbolism is a fantastic reference tool to inspire.
I have been building. In fact, I have been working every day on art projects. I'm photographing everything and will make a post one of these days with what I've accomplished.
Thank you so much for your visit and very kind words at my place recently. I light up when I see your name. I feel that you genuinely care about others. It shows in your words, your work and your spirit shines through to us all.

Much Peace

Tracy Verdugo said...

beautiful Kim! I am honoured to be a source of inspiration for you and love that we are all working to get clear on our dreams! Namaste xoxox

Anonymous said...

I like what you are building, even if you are in limbo land in a lot of your life right now -- may Ganesh help you to continue to build in the direction you wish to go! xo

Snap said...

wonderful page and Ganesh is one of my favorite folks ... always included him on one of my museum tours. He's a wonder.


Stephanie said...

such happy pages! I adore your vibrancy...thank for all the detail of Ganesh, juicy stuff to hang on to.

Anonymous said...

Removing obstacles to what you want is such a joyous way, what could be better. xox

Gillena Cox said...

splendid images and haiku; have a nice Friday

much love...

Anonymous said...

Love your quizzical haiku and asking such wonderful questions of the self ~ Lovely art work and inspiring post ~ happy weekend to you ~ carol, xx

Anonymous said...

you know
that Ganesh
is a very good pal of mine

if the golden curves of oak
arrived on orange street
please do let me know...

what am I building?
I am building a house of joy
deep, wide and soaring

beth said...

i'm not always building what i think i'm building...i mean i try, but it doesn't come out the way i want.

friendships, love, patience, understanding, sister relationships.....etc.

rarely do they ever resemble a castle.


gma said...

Love when art and soul meet. You can find things hidden in your art that you weren't even aware of. Beautiful Ganesh.

judie said...

Love all the happy colors in your art.

Kate Robertson said...

Kim, This is so stunning. I too have had my joy drawing elephants. Haven't gotten around to painting one yet. I am drawn to their beauty often. Tracy's are fabulous and now I'll be adding yours to my list of them for inspirations. Ganesha has visited me too and offered wisdom. Building what you want is sometimes a long process, hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Indeed reflect the light and goodness in your soul! May it always be so!! Happy Weekend!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What am I building? How long do you have to listen? ;)

iHanna said...

Elephants are magnificents animals, right? And the symbol of Ganesha is indeed cool and needed. Thanks for posting that image. And adore your pages, so very cool Kim. You've So found your style.

Nadeja said...

Kimmy, Love your art and love the Genesha symbolism! Reading your blog, all is well with the world. We are here to do our blessing work. How can it get any better than that!! I am so glad you are my daughter. I love you, Mom

rivergardenstudio said...

Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog! And I found yours, love the idea that when we create we are "building" and I love your elephant and your visitor Ganesha.

Hazel Ceej said...

Oh, a deep question. Makes me want to search my soul, if I even know how to begin that. But wonderful words, Kim.


somepinkflowers said...

i am building a suitcase
for travel ...

been the Carry*on Queen
for so long
i am practicing the need
to give up control
by learning
~~Check A Bag~~
at the airport ....

we will see
we will see

{{ so much wanting
to study with Tracy
have High Hopes
for 2015 !! }}

Elena said...

Simply gorgeous! Words and artwork. You make my heart happy Queen :)

Laura said...

So beautiful Kim... may we all participate in building a kinder world, one heart, one loving gesture, one connection at a time.