Thursday, October 3, 2013

Share the Joy–October Day at the Beach

It was just too beautiful a day not to go…

even if it was for just a short visit!





October Day at the Beach Joy !

Kimbo waxes philosophical at North Beach, Hampton, NH.


Hope you run after your sweet joy this week, Beautiful Ones !


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Olivia said...

How beautiful, My Queen. It was wonderful to hear your voice! I am happy that you will be 48, you young queen, you :) It was nice to take a peaceful break and listen to your thoughts! xoO

Nadeja said...

Awesome!!! Love the ocean and can almost hear it! You are so amazing daughter of mine. Love you so much, Mom

eb said...

the beach always does it for me too, flocks of gulls playing and making shadows on the water, big sky, big water, spaciousness...

nacherluver said...


Meri said...

Oh -- someone's been leaving supplies for the Rock Fairy!