Wednesday, October 9, 2013

They say it’s your birthday !

Today this little girl


turned 48.


Happy Birthday, Kimbo !


I woke up early to receive phone calls from some of my favorite peeps.

And even got a home made banana bread baked for me by my Honey for breakfast.

After joyfully reading a whole bunch of sweet birthday wishes on Facebook,

I decided to take myself on an Artist Date in the studio.

I pretended I was at a Cold Play concert, listening to this album as I played :

I sang and danced along with Chris and the guys.

Chica even joined in the dancing for a couple of tunes.

And as the music played,

I created this two page spread in my moleskine art journal.


“The Buddha and her Garden”

(stencils, spray ink,Twinkling H2Os, Faber Castel pens and a blender, white gel pen)








I was so glad to see the beauty back after the uglies of yesterday.

(Though we have decided that uglies are necessary and valuable in their own right too.)

I also like that Buddha somehow became a woman here.

They say that all of us are the Buddha after all. Winking smile


As I was soaking in the fact that I am 48 years old now,

I decided on one more major gift for myself.

I am going to work really, really hard at squashing the negative voices in my head,

and to stop the self-criticism that has been so much a part of my every day for so very long.

I am going to work to the best of my ability to turn

mean, cruel messages that I give myself

into positive, motivating and self-loving ones.

Starting today !

Starting right now.

So I am off to enjoy the rest of my birthday day.

Not sure where I am headed,

but I know that this beautiful, creative, shiny Rock Fairy Star

will be shining brightly as I go !

Thanks to all for the sweet, sweet birthday love !!!

Love and light!


lynne h said...

happy birthday, my beautiful dear Big Heart...



Chel said...

that page is beautiful and YOU are beautiful!! <3 Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for today just so I could say:
Happy Birthday To the Best Fairy out there!! you make so many people happy on a daily basis and I hope today the rest of us can make you just as happy right back!!
Many Blessings bestowed upon you and a ring of love and light to guide you on your way:
much love,

Anonymous said...

That little girl has grown into one amazing woman -- always remember the little girl that you once were and treat yourself always the way you would have treated her. We are all still the little child, just wearing bigger you Kim and wish you all the best with your gifts to yourself. xo

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday to Her Majesty! I love the special present you are giving yourself today, Kim. In my women's group we are "acting as if we love ourselves" and watching the voices slowly fade away. I wish the same for you today and this year. It is amazing that the more you act as if you love yourself. the more and more you really truly do. I wish you a great birthday and amazing year! xoO

beth said...

damn those voices, that awful noise which often brings us down and makes us feel less than we are....out damn spot....i mean voices !!!

i love you sweet girl...just remember that.....xoxo

Kate Robertson said...

Happy Birthday again. I love the work you've done. Especially the woman. Lovely work.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Happy Birthday sweetie....have a thousand more. Love your sketchbook.

Karen said...

Beautiful art! Happy belated Birthday, 48 is still very young!

deb did it said...

hush those neggies...bring the possies...I love you Woman !!So happy that you were born !!

Kathryn Costa said...

Happy Birthday! May this year be filled with lots of love and creative adventures. I love how your journal spread turned out...the Buddha is lovely....fabulous textures and details.

Fallingladies said...

Happy belated birthday! Your journal is filling with creativity and joy and such coolness!

Meri said...

What a beautiful celebration of you!

Kim Andersen said...

It looks like you had a beautiful birthday - just like you :)
Squash those negatives - you ARE a positive in this world!

Nadeja said...

A very awesome post - you were so right! So creative and wonderful. Full of joy, love, kindness, strength and all things good!. Happy 48th and many more. Loving you always, Mom