Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am giving thanks…

Just little bits of sweet joy from a long Thanksgiving weekend in Quebec…



We got to meet Patine, my friend Suzanne’s new baby Old English Sheep dog.

Man, is she cute !!!

Chica was a great older auntie dog to her, playing a lot but also showing that little one some limits.

So much fun to watch !


Sunday, we traveled to my sister Kristina’s in La Conception. Quebec (near Mont Tremblant).

There we got to see this little cutie, Miss Kate, who Uncle Dave and I adore !



Dave loves her so much, he even lets her decorate him.

I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this pic of him on the internet.


Right, Honey ?

Along with Katie, her brilliant bro and fire keeper, Thomas, and their mom and dad, we had a Thanksgiving feast with 18 other lovely members of our family !

Such an amazing group of people. So much good conversation, great food, hugs, laughter and good family loving !

IMG_6335 IMG_6347


I was too busy soaking it all in to take too many pics, but I did capture a few, like my shiny Mom and and sister,  Kristina, Natalie squeezing her daughter Jessica tight, and Miss Katie hanging with her other aunt, Natalie.


Along with Thanksgiving, there was a continuation of the birthday festival for me !

I am so blessed !


These are just some of the sweet and loving birthday gifts I received !

I think the glow from this wonderful weekend will last for a long while…

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !

Enjoy the gifts of this fine Fall day !


Kate Robertson said...

It looks like you had a blast. Wow my namesake is growing up before my eyes. What a sweet soul she is. It looks like you got some great goodies. All those distress markers will be fun.



Anonymous said...

A wonderful weekend spent with those you love...beautiful gifts, laughter and smiles and a few well placed decorations to willing participants...it was a time of thanks giving indeed! xo

Anonymous said...

Oooo birthday yummies!!
not to knock your adorable hubby but I think you rock the fall crown a little bit better ;-)
Thanks for sharing a bit of your holiday cheer!

Nadeja said...

Yummy visit, yummy post, yummy you :)
Love you so much precious daughter!

beth said...

you are so lovingly blessed in countless ways and i love that your family is close enough for you to visit regularly....that is such a gift !!!

squishy hugs !!

Stephanie said...

thank you for sharing all this LOVE in your life!

happy belated Thanksgiving AND birthday!!