Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday Soggy Doggy Adventures and Sneak Peak

So my pal Suzanne, the dogs and I had a lovely weekend together, with my sweet hubby popping in and out of the picture as he worked on a big project that will be named later in the basement. Saturday was supposed to be our "going to the beach day" but the weather was so raw, cold and rainy that we did what we do best instead...shopped, of course !

Easter Sunday was bright and sunny but still cold (30 DEGREES IN THE AM !) so it looked like we were going to miss out on the beach. Then I thought, you know what ? We are both Canadian chicks who have braved a lot worse cold than this and the dogs don't mind the cold. Let'd bundle up and go ! So go we did !

This was Sam's first trip to the ocean. Chica showed him how it is done !

After a little bit of trepidation,

he got the hang of things just fine !

And my girl kept us busy throwing that yellow ball into

the surf every ten seconds, like usual !

It was a nice adventure for all of us ! I feel really lucky to have the Hampton Beach just a half hour away from us. I am not into the summer time crowds there but the off-season allows for soggy doggy fun that I really love. It ended up to be not so cold either, as long as we were bundled up like the good Canadian Chicks we are ! I think we have a new Beach-lover convert in Sam now, too !

Besides the wonderful girlfriend time this weekend, I have been busily working on a very special project for a swap with my gang of Canadian Artist Chicks. We are about to exchange our aprons for "The Mother of All Aprons" exchange for this Mother's Day. We only had to make one apron (A good thing for slow sewer novice that I am!) for one partner in thie swap. I am paired up with the lovely Arlene from ArtdeMe who is my blogfriend that brought me into this great group of talented ladies !

I can't show you the whole apron yet as it is a surprise for Arlene ! I have some finishing sewing left and then it will be in the mail, on it's way to Arlene by Wednesday. Here is a cropped sneak peak from two different areas on the apron :

I am so excited about this exchange ! The apron is turning out a million times better than I ever could have imagined ! I know Arlene will love it. I want one for myself now but this one is one of a kind ! Plus, I am lucky enough to be receiving my very own Mother of All Aprons from Arlene in return. Such fun !

So off to do some sewing... Meditation class tonight too, which is turning out to be a great gift to myself ! Happy Monday, all, and remember to take the time to breathe...


Anne said...

Hi, Kim! You know your project came out good when you want to keep it for yourself! Love the soggy doggy pics! Can't wait to see the pics of your completed apron and the one you receive, too! Sounds like a great project and swap! :-)

Jennifer said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see the whole apron!

Chica looks like such a good leader in that first pic...definitely a beach-going professional. Sam, looked so cute once he got the hang of it. I love the shot of his fur flying backwards. I bet he'll be begging to come again soon!

Anonymous said...

Those doggies are so HAPPY!!

What a second that apron fabric?? Your sneak previews are amazing!!

Snap said...

Looking forward to seeing the completed apron. Looks like everyone had a great weekend.

Alberta and Ava said...

These gorgeous photos absolutely made me feel the wind off the ocean (brrrrr...)and smell the salty sea air. I don't know how you Canadian chicks do it, though. I was cold here on this rainy day in Georgia, and it was sixty degrees! Kim, if you got my e-mail today, I just thought of this: I have some prints already of my little Forgotten Garden girl, and I'll send you one of those too.


P.S. The colors on the apron look great!

Anonymous said...

The spirit of adventure, fun, and love shine through your blog. So glad you had a sweet weekend!
Love you,
You know who:):)

carolyn said...

hi kim~
no new post on my very poorly neglected blog but wanted to stop by and say "hi". i just caught up on your posts that i've missed and you have been one busy woman! i love all the adventures you have gone on and your projects. (the bookmarks are too cool.) which b and n did you leave them in?
i drove by hampton beach twice this past weekend with david. on friday and also on sunday...not on saturday though! we were down here in ma!
it was cold but it looks like the dogs enjoyed it very much!
have a happy week!

arlene said...

KIM!!! I can't wait!! The sneak peaks are torture! LOL I played and created on yours all day today and I had SO much fun doing it. I can't wait to get it in the mail for you...and I can't wait to see the treasure you made for me!!
It looks perfect!!


Kate said...


I love those pics with the dogs on the beach. I miss the beach, I need to find someway to see it this year. Your exchange sounds great. I look forward to seeing the apron you made and the one you receive.


Dawn Supina said...

Looks like the "beach babes" had a great day together :)

Arlene's apron looks really interesting! She phoned me and told me that you had posted a couple of teasers and that she simply COULD NOT WAIT!! (I get to see the one she made for you today!)

Genie Sea said...

Yay that you went to the beach anyway! You go fellow Canuckchica! :)

I am excited to see the apron!

Meditation is one of the best gifts to give yourself. You rock! :)

misty said...

they look like they had a wonderful time at the beach, despite the cold air and water...brrrr.
and it sounds like it was a perfect weekend all around!

JeriAnn said...

You mean a 30 degree day at the beach isn't normal? I love a winter beach in New England, as long as I follow the Canadian Chick Motto: "Just bundle up and go." Those are some wise chicks!

Loved the photos of Chica and Sam laughing with delight and the intriguing peek at your sewing. And of course I will tune in for the next episode -- The Thing in the Basement. Can't wait!