Monday, April 27, 2009

Ocean Side R & R for the Queen and her Man

So the hubby and I were fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Ogunquit, Maine. The weather was more summer-like than spring-like with temps in the 80's even at the seacoast.

This was the view from our hotel room at the Anchorage by the Sea, right on the Marginal Way. We spent two days and nights looking out at this :

With so many beautiful sights to see, like this :

(I could have watched the waves crash on the rocks all day !)

there were watchers of all kinds facing the sea

Of course I had to take some time for some Queen of Arts fun with the camera :

I even put the toes into the water (This foot shot is for you, Joanie !) !

It may have been warm outside, but the water temp was around 42 !

There had to be some "Rock My World" action too !

This pile of rocks was already started on this big driftwood log :

So I added the "let it go" rock that had been sitting on my computer for a good long while, bringing it back to its watery roots.

It made me happy to let that one go. I also left this one

on a bench along the Marginal Way to make someone else's day.

It was a pretty wonderful weekend for David and me. Some definite R & R as a couple which was needed and so appreciated. It felt like we were away at some resort down south thanks to the weather, though we were only an hour from home. They do things up nice, over there in Maine, from the wondrous ocean views to other cool things that you see when you look up :

Just goes to show,

you can get there from here

if you take the time to go.


sherry lee said...

I love that last line -- you can get there from here if you take the time to go. Brilliant!!!!

The photographs are amazing...I'm so glad that you and David had a chance to get away from it all and the weather made it even more wonderful!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend of R&R! :-)

arlene said...

I'd be jealous if I wasn't wrapped in a blanket of love and fantasy and HOPE, sewn, painted and overflowing with joy...from YOU!! Kim! Thank you for my apron! Oh!! I can't express how precious it is. What a glorious start to my week!
I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful weekend. You deserve it and I can see how the sea inspires you. Your rocks (which are here...literally at my right hand as I type...Rock MY World! You sent me "abundance, let go, and spread joy". Well, you certainly take your own advice!!
I hope you like your apron (which is winging it's way to you as we speak...I sent it out on Thursday...late I know, but I was SO sick last week! I hope it's there shortly..I send it xpress post)
I am blessed beyond what I can express to you, sweet Kim. May you receive a hundred fold what you have put out into the world!
Love, hugs and prayers for a wonderful week,


Snap said...

What a fabulous weekend! A little R&R, quality time with your man, some Rock Your World, water and you shared it all with us! Thank you!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

The blue of that sky is amazing. And the ocean, of course, water is so healing and rejuvenating and restful (I could go on and on). I don't think I would have put my toes in the water at 42 degrees though, must be the Canadian in you....

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love seeing you in your have a perfect blend of fun, smarts, attitude and beauty!

I needed to see the let it go rock. I think I'm beginning to let some things go we'll see :)

Alberta and Ava said...

It sounds (and looks) like the idyllic weekend you deserve. Isn't it great to be Queen?

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Sounds like a great weekend Kim. I'm glad you got away and wow, what wonderful weather! I like your rock idea. So simple, yet when someone else finds it/them, it will make their day.


Olivia said...

Yes, what a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing it with us. I didn't feel like I went but I did get a taste of the peace and restfulness and joy of everything---yay! May you continue to reign in love, O xo

Regina said...

How lovely! It has been years since I've been to the sea shore.