Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April - Time to Tend Your Garden !

So you know when you find a book that you feel is going to kind of change the path you are on big time ? I think this is the book that is going to do it for me for the present :

I just started looking around at Sheri's blog for the book and saw that there is a whole community of readers set up ! (a Ning community - new forum for me - research to be done, take a chance, try something new, ignore the fear of the unknown and do it anyways, you can do this Kimbo !) It looks like it could be a great place to connect to people who have decided to take on the challenge of working on envisioning their own dreams.

This is where I seem to be moving. It is a little scary, moving from a place where you feel like a dreamer with no dreams to a creator of your own dreams. Why scary ? Working on understanding that too. But I so love the idea of using art, my comfort and solace, my play and adventure, my passion and my fearless endeavor, as a jumping off place to my envisioning. Feels like a perfect fit !

Among the magnificent treasures in this book so far are these beautiful "Transformation cards" that are included in the back of the book. Each card is assigned a number that links you to a list of creative tasks that help in the envisioning process. Sometimes it is writing, or art journaling or just taking the time to envision, based on the "message" of the card.

Today I chose a card that read "Tend Your Garden of Dreams with LOVE. Your seeds will flourish." That card inspired this journal page, along with much thought about how I will tend my garden of intention so that my dreams can start to become clearer for me...

I am on a path upwards and forwards. (Why does it feel like I should just whisper this ? It is all so fresh and new and tender, I guess) That is good.

Every step I take seems to be making me stronger. That is also so good !

I have started showing myself some mad love in a multitude of little ways and I think it is beginning to stick !

This is what I have tried and you could try

-walking with a camera, (regardless of the weather !!!)

-walking and stopping to look up, especially as an escape from "crazy brain"

- eating less sugar

- cutting back caffeine

-laughing with friends, at yourself if possible,

-celebrating little steps,

- buying yourself little gifts (like magic books or a gel pen in a new color)

-surrounding yourself with color you love,

-joining a meditation class,

-finding a super counselor,

- creating fearlessly in your art journal, using colors you love,

- telling your doctor what you need,

-admitting you feel crappy, stop pretending, ask for help

-listening to birds sing mating songs of spring,

-giving your dog a massage,

-asking for extra hugs and kisses from your man

-giving gifts to loved ones and strangers...

Told you, showing yourself mad love in little, gentle, no punishment, just kindness, life-balancing ways ! ;-) Tending your garden.

It's April. It's time. And that's no foolin', baby !


Leah said...

What a beautiful, beautiful page! I love it, Kim!! And I love the list you've created here too. Happy Spring to you!

Colleen in Candia said...

Kim I can't wait to see your garden grow.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely list.. the book has been calling me too.

sherry lee said...

Yeah baby! No April Fool in this post...I can SO see you following this path and curating your dreams...this is so who you are. Take that chance, dream that dream, explore it, tend your garden...your journal page is bright and vibrant with teh faces in the flowers -- looking out with growth and potential.

And your list? It's amazing! The first one that hit me that I could snag is "less sugar"..OMG..that it just something that I am so bad about right now!!!

I'm behing you 100% girl!!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful post...I love it!

Femin Susan said...

Those are absolutely fascinating. Wonderful post!

Debbie said...

Why can't the dog massage me? I'm just asking.
The book looks wonderful and sounds great.

Genie Sea said...

This is not list. This is a mantra! It contains lost of wisdom and life-affirming power. I can feel it budding through the frozen soil! :)

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Since I'm a "list" person, I really like the way you presented your thoughts, not to mention the importance of the content. Thanks very much for the reminders. Now, about that "cut down on sugar" thing...


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Miss Kim,

Oh, I've enjoyed "walking" through your blog this morning. I always love your music. I may have to steal some of that as I've been wantin' to change mine up a bit.

Your journal page and garden are beautiful. I like that whole idea and lots of imagery comes to mind. I need to pull some weeds outta mine.

All of your pix are wonderful and to see the world you walk by and see the things many of us would miss. You seem to take the time to smell the proverbial roses and I so admire that. I am glad to see your art and what you are thinking about it and how it fits with the rest of your life. It makes what you create all the more meaningful and not just a formulated routine like it can get for me and others sometimes.

Always a joy to visit!

Kate said...

I am anxiously awaiting for my copy in the mail. I had a peak at the book and loved those cards. A main reason for ordering it. I love hte list you made most of those things would be on my list too!. I will check out the ning site soon.


Jennifer said...

Love this that we continue to walk a similar path of discovery. If one day we veer in different directions I'll love that too because it's just awesome to read what you're thinking about!

This speaks to my heart as if it was written only for me. As if you and my brain have been talking. I too am still whispering my dreams that I have begun to wirk into a reality. I feel strong, powerful, and scared as hell all at the same time! Cheers to us and tending to our gardens with love! Cheers to's the month I came into being!

Anonymous said...

That painting is so so gorgeous! I love those colors! And that is the sweetest thing you did with the little faces in the flowers.

I just almost bought myself that very book on Amazon the other day! I was buying "Happy for No Reason" and needed to add something to get the Super Saver Shipping deal. I have A TON of stuff in my wishlist and that was one of the 3 books I had narrowed it down to. But I ended up choosing "The Art of Extreme Self Care." But oh I want this book, too now!

I'm so glad to hear you sounding so really good and happy! Excellent list, full of awesome soul-nourishing things to do. I'm feeling more and more upbeat myself these days, and as the days warm up and get sunnier I know my optimism will kick in stronger and stronger again too. Brightest Blessings your way, my dear one!

P.S. The toe socks are annoying to me too, that's why I only wear them in the house and for short periods (and only because they're so cute)

Dawn Supina said...

Love your "tending your garden" piece Kim.

I also wanted to thank you so much for your continuous support and encouragement in your comments on my blog!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Looks like a great book! Thanks for the link! I'll have to check it out! :-)

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hey girlfriend! You are one brave and strong chicka, and you have so much to be proud of, whether you think so or not! Keep on doing all those good things for yourself... I promise it will all be good. Love you! xoxo

michelle ward said...

*sprinkles water on your garden* (even though it doesn't need it.)

upWARD forWARd and onWARD, words i grasp with you.

Anonymous said...
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The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hi Kim. I find your blog so inspiring and I have gone and ordered that book you mentioned, can't wait until it comes now. Spring really is here, isn't it?!