Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking at the World Through Emerald Glasses

Colorful Spring by French Ties

A beam of Sun is teasing my eyes

To make them open

Through the window, green, everywhere.

Green grass, green trees, green heights

Flaming early Spring landscape.

Some bright dots of yellow over there

Shy rose buds softening the air,

Here and there, poppies-like red patches

and above, the blue hat of the sky.

Green, playing with the lights of wonder

Green grinning, conductor of colours,

Green spreading, to awaken the details

And left dark tones weeping in the corner...

Green, such a wonderful Spring painter.


Genie Sea said...

OH did you make the necklace and the flower??? They are spectacular!

May the green vitalize you! :)

Snap said...

Yeah for GREEN! My favorite color ... love the necklace the "TRUST".

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I needed this; sitting here smiling! Just one very very cool post!

wanda miller said...

Love all those greens. and did you make your necklace? it's so exquistely simple and so pretty! thanks, wanda

Kate said...

That necklace was beautiful, was it your own design. Enjoyed the travel down the many facets of green.

Thanks for the comments on my spray painting. It is so much fun.


Anonymous said...

green with envy....beautiful post!

Joanie Hoffman said...

Green is my favorite color! what a great posting. And I see a picture of your...feet!
If you get a minute, stop by one of my blogs & tell me why, okay?
Happy days,

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Lovely journal page. And all those green things! Quite the collection of markers. I would love to see what you have in the other colors. And Happy birthday to that (green-loving) niece of yours. One is a BIG, HUGE birthday to have.

Anonymous said...

my favourite colors!
Are you relishing the spring and new warmth? Looks like it.

jennlui said...

oooooohhhh awesome awesome kim and so so so fabulous!!! i love love love your pics and seeing what's inspiring you!!! green!!! fabulous!!! sooooo very alive and spring-y... love it!!!

oh and by the way... hee hee!!! you won my goddess mantra giveaway!!! check out the post and send me your mailing address!!! yay yay yay!!! hee hee!!!

much love to you kim!!!

michelle ward said...

i can smell the earthy goodness in this post. celebrating the soft earth beneath our feet and the budding life around us. *deep breath*

Joanie Hoffman said...

Thank you a lot for your comment.
I love answers and you were so good to respond to my question.
I forgot to tell you but I love that necklace!
Happy days,

carolyn said...

cool post kim! loving all the greens!
and where did you get those shoes!
i'm in love!!!

vintage moon studio said...

What great bits of green, Kim!! Beautiful necklace (you made it?)And gotta say I am in love with those green shoes!! Spring is definitely on its way here in New England - finally :-)