Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SPW And Purple Dreams

So Misty Mawn has unofficially declared it Self-Portrait Wednesday ! That is SPW if you like acronyms, which I don't, much. SPW reminds me of Hermione's SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Yes, I am a major Potter fan ! But I digress...

I was a busy Queen today. Got my mistress-piece of an apron packed up and ready to mail. I also made up a little gift for a friend who need some extra loving and got that ready to post too.
After a trip to the post office and the grocery store, I came back to the studio and created this piece in my journal.

Dream Big - Art Journal Page (click to enlarge)

Seems to be lots of talk about dreams in Blogland these days. My pal Julie at Land of Lost Luggage did a post today called "When do you dream ?", talking about how some of her own dreams came true recently. Sherry at Everyday Possibilities shared a video about one woman who really went for her own dreams in spite of the odds being stacked a little high against her. All of the talk is making me think about the differences between our conscious dreams, the dreams of of hearts and the dreams we have in our unconscious sleep.

Coincidentally, I woke up early this morning to a nightmare, or a "morningmare" I guess ? David woke up asking me if I was okay, as apparently I was shouting in my sleep. I remember the dream. Not so fun...let's just say it included betrayal, humiliation, loss of friendship and dancing on tables...all experienced by me ! Not a dream I want to take with me into my conscious time very much.

I am working on nurturing my own heart dreams though. Right now they are fragile and tender and definitely not ready to share. I can feel them growing though. And that my friend, sure feels good.

Feels good to be a dreamer again.

Kim the Dreamer - Self-Portrait Wednesday,

April 15, 2009


Sandy..... said...

Sorry to hear about your morningmare. "Mares" suck!

I've made a decision. Mares are just evil's attempt to overtake our creative and loving souls! I often have to remind myself that mine is too beautiful and to strong, so bring those mares on!

They may make me temporarily mad/sad/angry/scared - but they aren't strong enough to beat up my my beautiful and creative soul! They will never truly win~!

beth said...

thanks for stopping by and you are SO right about focusing on what's right instead of what's not....

so next time, I'll do something different....because I do like my feet and my lips and my belly's not much, but it's something in the right direction !!

Anonymous said...

Keep on dreamin', Kim!

The "mares" just make you stronger.

deb did it said...

oh how I love the photo of you next to your journal....LOVE it. Keep the dreams alive!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yes well, lucky are those who dream. It can be easy to lose them. I'm glad to hear yours are there, private - for the time being.

misty said...

ohhh, i love the painting and the sp, i love the blue tones, too!
that is some dream you had...thankfully it was just as dream/nightmare.

looking forward to seeing more and more sp. :)

Jennifer said...

This is beautiful! I had a nightmare last night that sort of came true...I looked up the meaning of some of the symbols and just like the dictionaries said, today has been full of disappointing news. I hope that it has run it's icky course. I hope.

Anyhow, your images are absolutely beautiful. I love the pic of you with your eyes closed with your self portrait. Beautiful!

You are welcome to have salad with me any day :)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, it is always good to be a dreamer. Dreamers make things happen. Nightmares are different, sorry about that. I just dreamed that I was falling out of a car from the driver's seat as it all by itself started moving backwards very fast with the door open and I was hanging on for dear life. Wonder what the heck that means! I love the picture of you with your art - so lovely!

And, I loved your beach post. At least one of us got to the beach! And look at those cutey doggies! What fun!


Kate said...


Love the self portrait and your dream painting, so nice. Hope tonight it will all be sweet dreams for you.


Anonymous said...

I'd keep the dancing on tables bit.. but maybe it was just a little spring clean of the sub concious...

arlene said...

Your portrait is so calming and quiet and I love the photo of the two views of you....You look 12 years old girl!
Dream your dreams and see the good ones come true. Our waking dreams are SO much more powerful than those bad ones.
hugs, arlene