Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fit for a Queen Wednesday…


Hi There !

It is Wednesday, December 15th.

This pic was taken yesterday, on my way out to do some shopping. I was having fun with the funky winter shadows around noon.

Also with the fact that somehow, there is NO snow on the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire in spite of the very snowy conditions in many areas around us.


Though it is very, very cold today, with a high of 18 (-7 C) and windy, I have to say that the lack of snow makes this shopping Queen very happy !

Before I get to the wonderful Canadian Chickies swap, I just have to share my beautiful kitty pictures of the week.


Look at my sweet Azzy, hugging his little Mousie.

Couldn’t he be a super cat model ?


He is beautiful, no ?

Okay, enough gushing…

So, yesterday was Day 2 of the Canadian Chickie Christmas Swap and Miss Brittni was up.



Even the inside of the envelop was special !


Brittni created this sweet little folded journal of sorts with music paper.


Tucked inside was this sweet dove ornament made of paper and lace ribbon.



Mar, another Chickie in the group, suggested that this little journal would make a great addition to a journal page and make a little pocket for hidden treasures. Great Idea, Mar ! I think that is what I will do with mine too !

Thanks for the sweet giftie made with love and care, Miss Brittni !

Now, Mar just happens to be the maker of the gift for Day 3.









Here is her lovely package before. Love the tag !


And here is part one of the gift. This pretty little tree magnet with our initials on it!


The second part of the gift was this tiny painting mounted on a tiny easel, painted especially for me by Mar. We has a database with our likes for our group members to check with and obviously Mar went with my love of mermaids!


So sweet ! I love the frothy waves done with mulberry paper !


Thanks so much, Mar, for making such a beautiful gift custom made just for me !

Happy Wednesday to my Canadian Chickie Friends and to all of you, Beautiful Ones !

(off to the post office to mail some Rock My World orders…wish me luck…)


beth said...

wow...early christmas presents are so fun. and that mermaid is so fun.....

did you see the movie "ondine".....i think you would like it...david too.....and if their accents make you miss half the lines, no's still a pretty great movie....

Lynn said...

that cold and no snow? how weird!
all your little gifts are so cute and cool, these and earlier ones too. Catching up. Happy Holidays!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. That is so absolutely creative and fabulous. I just love it. What a fun exchange! I am visiting via Pumpkin Delights blog. So nice to meet you. You have a beautiful spirit : ) I noticed it as soon as I clicked over. So nice to meet you!

arlene said...

What a gorgeous mermaid! I really think she should have on a parka and a toque though. This is Canadian Chickies swap, after all. And if you could see the weather here.....

Kim said...

Lookin' good Kimmypoo. Especially the no-snow fact. Another two hours to get home from work tonight - good grief - it's a time of year that is wearing and tearing on me, despite my desire to be perky and all festive. So nice to see some EARTH!

slommler said...

Gorgeous gifts!!!
We haven't had snow either...YET!! And I am hopeful that continues!!

Anonymous said...

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- Daniel